Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Top 10 Sailing Links

Here is a list of sailing sites I visit every week.  Some are resources and some are blogs but I think you will enjoy them all.


 Sailing Anarchy Racing from around the world.

Lectronic Latitude Cruising and racing from around the world.  If you sign up, it comes right to your in box thrice weekly.

 Download the monthly sail rag as well for great reading.
 Latitude 38

Pressure Drop Racing and cruising news.

Sail Feed Half a dozen awesome sailors writing on one blog about many aspects of sailing.

Blue Planet Times Kimball Livingston is a great writer/sailor with lots to say.

Resources for sailing the bay:

Wind and Tides Just like it says.

Wind speed Current wind speed at all the buoys on the bay.

OCSC Sailing More resources and cams on the bay.  Sign up and get free access.

If you are counting, that was only 9 (the headline sounds better if you put 10).

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