Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Clipper Yachts Poised for Arrival in SF

The round the world race is about to roll under the Gate in the next few days.  After a 25 day sail from the China, these 80' foot monsters are about 200 miles from SF as of yesterday.  They will be staying at South Beach Harbor near the ball park.  Next week, you can do a walk thru of the boats.  This race is manned by amateurs with the intent of pushing the crew to it's maximum potential as they sail the planets oceans.  In the Pacific, they saw some winds topping 60 knots and seas up to 30 feet.  They even lost a crewman overboard during a sail change.  He was recovered an hour or so later, thankfully.  Here is their projected arrivals thru the Golden Gate:

Henri Lloyd - Thurs 10 April Early AM
GREAT Britain - Thurs 10 April Early AM
Invest Africa - Thurs 10 April Early AM
Qingdao - Thurs 10 April AM
One DLL - Thurs 10 April AM
Old Pulteney - Fri 11 April AM
Switzerland - Currently in Stealth Mode
Derry~Londonderry~Doire - Fri 11 April PM Team Garmin - Sat 12 April Early AM
Mission Performance - Sat 12 April PM
Jamaica Get All Right - Sun 13 April PM
PSP Logistics - Sun 13 April PM

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