Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Couple of Great Sails

Headed over to the boat on Friday afternoon for a sail to Oakland and Jack London Square.  Winds were in the high teens and I made it over towards Angel Island.  Headed for the bay bridge and notice a CG boat under the bridge.  As they are dismantling the old bay bridge, this boat is turning folks away so no debris will fall on the boats.  No worries, I will go around him and further east.  Make it down the estuary and find my assigned slip at Jack London Square.  I eat a quick bite and then head down to meet Drew.  We are heading to The Fox to see String Cheese Incident.  What a great venue and show.  Head back in a cab and go right to sleep.

 In the morning, Kona and I are up early as we need to get back to Emeryville to pick up crew.  We head out with the coffee brewing.  By the time we hit the bay, the blueberry pancakes are ready.  It's a beautiful day.  I meet the crew at 11 and we do a quick sail change.  Then we are off and it is a windy day.  We try to get to Angel but the winds are overpowering.  Instead we head to McCovey Cove and the ballgame is on.  We anchor and the Giants stage a comeback win and the crowd is going nuts.  We drop off a few crew in SF and head back with much lighter winds. 

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get out once more for a sunset sail.  Winds were in the teens again and I had a nice sail to the city front in SF and then up towards Angel.  I donot think I have ever seen so much tanker traffic in one day.  It was busy.  But also some great sailing.  A great way to start the week!

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