Monday, April 20, 2015

Best of H2uh0 - Pics of the Week

Just a small sampling of some of the 1000's of pics featured on H2uh0.  It's been a fantastic 10 years of sailing the SF Bay on our Newport 30.  I have been lucky enough to charter or just get out for a day sail in sublime sailing hot spots such as:  Mexico, Belize, BVI's, Bahamas, Croatia and Hawaii.  I still have a long ways to go to realize my biggest dream.  An 18 month cruise from California to New Zealand and Australia. I plan to purchase a Beneteau 423 and head down the coast of California in the fall of 2018.  Our first big destination will be the Channel Islands.  In late October, we will join the 25th annual running of the Baja Haha from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas.  150 boats and 450 friendly folks.  Many of them we will see again and again as this is a popular westward route.   My crew will be friends and family and most likely a few kind strangers.  My best bud Tex is planning on joining me for the entire trip.  We will sail Mexico for 3 months and then jump down to Central America and Costa Rica. In April, we will join the Pacific Puddle Jump and head to the Galapagos for a spell.  We then depart on our longest passage of about 2100 nautical miles.  This sail will take anywhere from 18-25 days depending on the winds.  Our destination is the Marquesas Islands.  Some of the most awe inspiring islands in the world.  Another 800 mile passage with take us to Tahiti and the plethora of islands in the South Pacific.  Our three month visas in French Polynesia run out in August and we will head towards Fiji and Vanuatu.  Cyclone season arrives in October and we plan to head down to New Zealand for 3 months.   Then the last leg up to Tasmania & Australia with some diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  Every sailor worth his salt looks forward to sailing into Sydney Harbor, and we will too.  Lastly, we will finish up with a short sail to Brisbane and sell the boat, then fly home.  We will be taking school supplies and Frisbees with us to share with children in need.  Along the way, we will kite board, surf, scuba, hike, swim, laugh, meet some fascinating people and sail 10,000+ miles.  I have been thinking about this trip for 20 years and it is coming together.  My wife Bridget will join me along the way at some of the garden spots.  She is not a sailor.  Her motto is: Nothing goes to weather like a 747! 

 We will arrive home in the spring of 2020.  18 months later.  I will be 61 and changing careers from event planning (been doing that for 25 years, loved it, but time for something different) and getting into retirement mode with a sailing venture of sorts.  Maybe charter on the Bay, teach sailing lessons, something to do with boats.  We shall see!  It's going to be a grand adventure and it will be everything I have been dreaming about for so many years.  I have been blessed in so many ways and this will be the culmination of all my time spent on the water.  From growing up on the Chesapeake, to moving West on a swimming scholarship, to my glory days of surfing the West Coast, mastering windsurfing on the Bay and ocean and finally getting into sailing in a big way on keel boats.  For me, sailing brings together everything I love in my life.  Friends, music, nature, the ocean, great food, wine, wild animals, sea creatures, and a floating home.

14 years ago, I started focusing on keeping in shape.  I started running, biking and swimming.  Most days I make time for two workouts.  Usually a morning 10 mile bike ride in the hills overlooking the bay.  And then in the late afternoon, a run in those same hills with Kona, my trusty golden retriever.  I try to throw in some swimming 2-3 times a week.  It has certainly paid off and I will continue this routine until we depart.

If you have read this far, I would like you to consider your own dreams.  What would you like to do that will stretch you as a person, inspire others, and make your life complete?  What is your dream?!?  Take your time and think about this.  This is not a bucket list thing, this is bigger.  This is something you look forward to for many years and work towards a good part of your life.  I have asked several friends what their dream is and very few have any idea or have never thought about it.   I think they should start thinking about it and so should you!  Dream big and aim high!  Bon voyage!

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