Sunday, April 19, 2015


Earlier this week we featured the G4 foiling cat.  Sailing circles around all the other boats in Caribbean bliss.  Billed as a screamin' family cruiser, this boat seemed to have it all if you got a mil or two sitting around.  Now this from yesterday.

Might want to rip up that contract you signed last week with Gun Boat and get a fast lead leaner instead.  When you are on the cutting edge, prepare to get cut.

From Pieterjan Dwarshuis
"Fantastic day of sailing ended with a dumb capsize.
Ticked that box of the test program too. Everything fine, mainsail only some broken battens, and my iphone didn't survive..
Need a quicker main dump valve on the hydraulics that's what we learned !
Only way to develop a great product even better is to test it ...."
R&D at it's best.

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