Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Biggest Bonehead Move

One of our editorial caveats is that we never write about our own bonehead moves.  On this 10 year blog anniversary, I would like to tell you a funny story. 

My buddy Tex and I were up in the Delta for a 5 day trip.  One day we got stuck in some thick mud.  I dropped the kayak in the water so I could paddle the anchor and drop it back in the deep water.  We then put the anchor rode on a winch and pull ourselves slowly towards the deep water.  We got to the end of the rode so I jumped into the kayak once more.  As I was coming back to the stern ladder, the current took my loose painter under the boat and it promptly wrapped around the propeller.  It quickly pulled me in and started spinning the kayak with me in it.  Tex was not looking so he was not aware of what was happening.  After a few spins, I realized this fact and as I came around the next time I yelled "Turn", which was all I had time to say as I was spinning fast.  Next time up, "It" and lastly, "Off".  He realizes my predicament and hit the kill switch.  How funny is that?  We still tell that story many years later and it still gets a laugh.  What is your biggest bonehead move?

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