Saturday, April 04, 2015

Join Us for a Sail on the Addiction!

In celebration of 10 years of H2uh0, we are offering a sail aboard our very fine sailing vessel Addiction.   We will do a day sail out to Angel Island with lunch and if you are brave enough, a swim to the beach.  Our boat is such a sweet ride so please don't pass up this opportunity.  No experience needed!  Just a big smile and a sense of wonder.  The wind is free and so is this sojourn.  RSVP by sending me a note in the comment section.  Kona will be joining as well.  Heck, if no one responds, I will still go sailing and enjoy this amazing bay and boat. 

Yesterday I was busy signing up a new partner on our boat.  One of our partners enjoyed bay sailing so much, he decided to buy his own, a Pearson 33 in fine shape.  Good luck Tom.

Here is a candidate for Bonehead Move of the Month!  Not the boat owner but the bridge tender.

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