Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kona to the Rescue

I have owned my event planning company for almost 25 years. We recently did an event in Sf for a local company.  My client gave me a very special table cloth with their logo on it for the registration table.  My client's instructions were to not loose this tablecloth.  We had the event and it was very successful.  At the end of the event, my client said goodby and a few minutes later, I went to retrieve the cloth.  It was gone and I suspected that my client took it with her.  Monday morning, I get a call from her asking me for the cloth.  Oh boy.  I called the caterer and the venue and no one had seen it.  I head up to the venue with Kona (golden retriever) tagging along.  We search high and low and came up empty.  I asked the manager where the event folks have their office, maybe it was there.  I look around the desks but see nothing.  Then Kona starts pulling me across the room.  He picked my scent on the table cloth and there it was under a desk in the corner.  Wow, thanks boy!  I returned it to my client and she hugged me three times.  Kona got a big treat and I was so happy I brought him along that day.  Good boy!

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