Thursday, May 05, 2016

My Own Bonehead Move

I was coming in late one night about 11pm.  The wind was driving me towards the last channel marker before a hard turn to starboard and into the harbor.  I was flying the jib only downwind.  When I turned the wheel to starboard, a huge gust hit the boat.  I turned the wheel hard the other way as I knew I was close to the marker.  She is all the way over but I am heading towards the cement marker.  Luckily I hit the mark sign and not the post.  Two stantions hit the sign and bent the stantions and sign pretty good.  My biggest worry was hitting the shrouds and pulling the mast down.  I got lucky.  I am reminded of the incident every time I go out.  It cost me about $20 to replace two stantions.  Could have been so much worse!

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