Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Joys of Sausalito

Way back in 2006, I started taking an annual trek to Sausalito in December.  I had been there many times before but not on a regular basis.  I would stay at Schoonmaker Marina and enjoy the location and amenities.  The best part was their little beach and tiny bay.  Bocce, Kona swimming and meeting new folks.  During the day we would take off for day sails with friends and family.  I continued this great tradition for 7 years.  My last couple trips were fantastic with great wind, bike rides to Tennessee Valley and much more.  My last trip there was December of 2013.

 I am so looking forward to our 2 day trip.  We depart today and return on Monday.
 Today I return after a much too long sabatical.  Times are good and lots of folks are back into boats.  Schoonmaker is full up so we will head to Clipper, a bit further down the road but nice as well.  The things I like about this town are many.  Here are a few: my favorite peak, Mt. Tamalpias is looming large where ever you turn.  Richardson Bay is loaded with illegal anchor outs but it is still a beautiful place.  The small town of restaurants and shops is tourist heavy, but it sure is cute.  The views of San Francisco, about 4 miles away,  And lastly, the history of this little hamlet is amazing.  Juan de Ayala, was the first sailor to enter the bay.  In August of 1775, he set his anchor down in the now famous Ayala Cove on Angel Island.  He spent months exploring and charting the bay with his crew aboard the San Carlos. When he visited Sausalito, he meet a very warm and friendly native tribe called the


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