Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sausalito or Bust

We took off around 11am on Saturday for Sausalito.  We had dog sitting going on so Kona and Max joined us for the adventure.  Tex jumped on board and we were off.  The wind was in the low teens as we exited the channel.  We made it over to Craig's Cove on Angel and I took the boys for a swim.  The cove had about 8 boats and was as crowded as I have ever seen it.  We took off after a short nap.  Made it over to Clipper Yacht Harbor and settled in.  At 6pm we needed some food.  We walked over to the local restaurant and watched a little of the Warriors game.  They won in fine fashion and we proceeded to toast them. 

Sunday we were up early...and so was the wind.  Some reports said winds to 40.  We shall see.  After a nice egg scramble, we head out with Julie and Mike.  Just before departing, Kona had gotten muddy and proceeded to jump in a woman's car and well let's just say I had to clean it up.  We headed towards Angel and circumnavigated this beautiful island.  We tried for a slip on the island but all were full.  Instead we headed for the backside of Tiburon.  As we were cruising by one of the anchored boats, the skipper asked if we know David Houston?  I replied that I did know him and that he was on board!  An old sailing friend of Tex's.  We rafted up and toured Rick's boat.  Kona did not understand what was going on and he barked the whole time.  We anchored for some lunch and then sailed to the Strait of Raccoon.  We could not make headway with the 35 knot winds and adverse tide.  We would have to go down wind and back to Emeryville. 

No big deal. We would drive our crew back to the docks in Stown.  Cooked up a fine meal at the dock and then it was off to drive them back.   Up early in the morning and cleaned up the boat.  It was another memorable trip to my favorite boating destination.

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Mike Mack said...

Such an amazing day. Will never forget it. Link to video I took below!