Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Your Favorite Gadget of all Time?

Time Mag has put togehter their list of the most influential gadgets of all time.  From the Wii to the Walkman, you will find all your fav's here.  Some of the one's I smiled at were the transistor radio from 1954.  That changed my life.  Now I could take the music with me!  Granted I did not start carrying my music until about 1966 at about age 8 or so.  The Walkman was a big hit in the 80's.  And who can forget the first Mac in 1984?  My first laptop was an early Mac in 1999. The iPod changed my life again in 2002!  Music is the theme here.  And the number one gadget...the iPhone.  Read the whole list here.

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