Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Orcas Play with Couple off NZ

Last summer, I headed out with Tex and one of his old girlfriends.  It was another beautiful day on the bay!  We sailed up to Raccoon Strait and into Ayala Cove on Angel Island.  Perfect landing!  We headed up to their beautiful picnic grounds.  Step hills filled with pines and eucalyptus surround us.  Deer grazing in the distance.  The glistening bay behind us.  I guess you could say: idyllic.  We pulled out the bag of Bocce Balls and a hot game of skill and luck ensued.  The grounds here are filled with not only picnic tables but bare dirt to nice grass areas.  We sometimes play right under a picnic table or thru it.  It's fun and a little crazy.  We had a great time and then after a few more laughs, we headed for the boat.  Back at the dock, we cast off and sail away.  About 2 nautical miles down the road, I go to put away the balls.  Two are missing...big bummer.  This was a Father's Day gift from my family and a nice set as well.  Two balls was not the end of the world, but if we have 4 folks and only 6 balls, the math does not work (2 balls per person).
Fast forward 6 months later, I am gathering some lines from the bowels of the boat and low and behold, there are the blue balls!!.  I was incredulous!  How did this happen I have no idea, however, I was very happy.  I let my friends know that I found the balls and now everyone (including me) is off the hook.  A full set is now awaiting our next adventure to Angel.

If you have not tried Bocce with your friends, please give it a try.  I have been playing regularly for over 25 years and really enjoy the friendly competition.   You can play at a park, the beach, or maybe jump into an official court with a nice level surface.  On the nicer courts, they use ground shells as the top surface to give the ball a nice steady roll.  Check it out!

This was game for statesmen and rulers of Rome back in ancient times.  It all began in its crudest form about 5000 BC. George Washinton enjoyed the game and had a court at Mt. Vernon.  Many call it the oldest ball game in the world!

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