Sunday, February 19, 2017

San Diego Memories

We are in San Diego visiting my son for the holiday weekend.  Staying at the hotel that I normally stay at when participating in the Baja Haha.  In my quest for sea miles and learning all I can about cruising, I have been on six Haha's.  Being here brings back a flood of great memories from those awesome sailing adventures.  Here is the set up: I arrive without a boat for the trip.  I go around the harbors and knock on hulls in hopes of finding the perfect boat.  I get turned down by 99% of the skippers I encounter.  It only takes one.  Last year, a friend from SF got a call and he referred the folks looking for crew to me.  I jumped on a cool tri and we had a blast sailing the 750 miles to Cabo San Lucas.  This fall I will be searching for my boat to take me to Australia.  I will miss not doing the Haha, but my dream for the last 30 years has been to cross the Pacific.  My dream is about to come true!

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