Friday, February 24, 2017

The Perfect Sail

My buddy John is visiting from Ashland.  We have done a lot of sailing together, including two Baja Haha's.  We hit the docks about 2:30 on brilliantly sunny day.  The winds were in the low teens as we headed out the harbor.   The sails went up quickly as the wind was from the north.  We sailed out the channel looking good and headed towards Alcatraz.  After we got out about 3 miles, the wind died and then changes direction.  It came up to about 12 knots.  We took off on a perfect tack towards Angel and the conditions could not have been any better.  No other boats. No waves.  Moderate winds. Perfect conditions.  We loved it.  More of the same as we head towards the harbor.  Wow!  It was sublime!

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