Sunday, February 12, 2017

Saturday Sail

I posted a Meet Up on Got Wind and Water and took out 4 great sailors on Saturday.  The morning was windy and we took off with hopes high.  As we came out of the harbor, I was able to raise the sails due to the northerly component.  We sailed out the channel in 12 knots and after a few miles it died hard.  We sat there for about 40 mins and then the wind came up again from the north west.  In no time we were hitting 6.5 knots on the speedo on 14 knots of wind speed.  Life was grand on this beautiful sunny, warm day.  We headed to Craig's Cove on Angel for some lunch and dropped the anchor.  Back on the wind, it was still blowing as we headed to the city front.  Soon it started to die again and we did one more tack and then headed home.  We had to motor the last mile or so.  The crew enjoyed the boat and Kona was a big hit!  Good times aboard Addiction!

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