Friday, June 16, 2017

Bermuda Super Yacht Cup

Here is some footage of the largest collection of J yachts put together in a race.  It's amazing.  All part of the lead up to the finals of the AC which start on Saturday.  USA and NZ will be duking it out over the next few weeks.  Hopefully you have access to NBC or the app to enjoy the racing.  The racing is this weekend and next with the finish on 6-27.  Can USA make it a 3-peat?

Had one of the most beautiful sails of the year yesterday.  Took off in some light winds to start the day.  Kept building as we approached Angel.  Finally over 20 and we reef the genoa.  Head into Craig's Cove for a little magic.  I pull out the hammock and John heads up to enjoy this lovely cove.  Kona and I swim to the beach in our birthday suits.  Why not, no one around.  We have an amazing sail home in about 12-15 knots on an unusually warm day on the bay.  Fantastic!

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