Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bigger is Better!

After almost 17 years of owning our 30' sailboat, I am getting ready to buy a bigger boat (42').  In 2018, we are departing for a 7000 mile adventure to Australia.  We purchased the Addiction in October of 2000.  At the time, we had three partners.  We currently have six partners.  This Newport 30 has brought so much joy and fun into my life as well as the folks I have sailed with.  I started out with only a handful of sails on a keel boat.  I had been a windsurfer for 15 years so I knew how to sail.  Initially, we had the boat in the Oakland Estuary which was a good place to start.  We could get used to sailing the boat without getting into too much trouble.  We moved to a very windy marina in Emeryville in 2003.  It was a great move.  Our diesel died about 3 years ago and we installed an electric engine.  That has worked out great. 

Here are some of the highlights on board our lovely sloop:
3 trips to downtown Napa with wine tasting by bike
5 trips to the Delta with fresh, warm water to swim in
1 trip up the Petaluma River
Many trips to the ballpark to see the Giants
KABOOM! fireworks shows
Many 3 day stays in Sausalito
Boat in the Delta for a month
Taking out over 500 folks for day sails on the bay
Amazing sails out the Gate
Sailing to the America's Cup with a boatload of friends!
Overnights at Clipper and Ayala Cove
A thousand day sails on the bay!
Having my Golden's join me for sails and swimming to the beaches for a romp in the sand

It has been an amazing journey.  One of our favorite saying, "It just keeps getting better!".

I have a dozen or more sails left aboard our beloved little boat.   I am looking forward to my next adventure!

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