Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Sailstice Raft Up June 24-25

There is but one sailing holiday during the year and that is the weekend of the summer solstice.  In an effort to get folks on the water and celebrate sailing, Summer Sailstice was founded in 2001 right here in the bay area.  Why celebrate sailing?  Sailing has expanded the horizons of the human race, connected continents and cultures, enriched the lives of mankind and, to this day, continues to bring millions under its spell. Summer Sailstice is dedicated to celebrating the full mosaic of the sailing culture.  By celebrating sailing, Summer Sailstice will help the non-sailing world discover sailing, help connect sailors and connect more people to each other and to caring for the oceans and waters upon which they sail.
Tallship, small ship, cruiser, racer, recreational - everyone is invited once a year to hoist sails and celebrate sailing 'together'.  By doing so we showcase the best of what sailing has to offer while giving you a chance to connect with the global sailing community, grow your sailing programs, race your one-design fleet and generally do what you enjoy best.  With all of us doing it 'together' we also leverage all of our individual and organization efforts to offer the world a one-weekend snapshot of the sailing culture. 
Some 20,000 boats will be participating.  Our boat is heading to a huge overnight raft up in Clipper Cove.  They are attempting to get 100 boats into the raft up.  Last year they had 60 or so.  Should be a very fun time.  If you are interested, go to the Summer Sailstice website and sign up to win some great prizes, including a bareboat charter in the BVI's.  Get out there and hoist a sail!!

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