Friday, June 09, 2017

Pics of the Week

 Night Sail - With the start of summer, I wanted to get in a night sail.  I arrrived at the boat around 8pm.  Picked up Tex on the way out the habor and into the wild blue.  The wind was light as we departed and all the sails were up.  All of your senses come alive at night and it was a night we needed them all.  There was wind ahead and over 20 knots.   We finally had to reef the jib as the wind kept getting stronger.  The moon was shining bright as we appraoched Angel Island.  Wow, what a sail!  We head back but can't make way around the pier so we go downwind the 3 miles of this old pier that is a nightmare for mariners.  Fortunately my phone has the proper charts and we can discern the location of the safe passage of the cut in the pier.  We get through safely and head for home.  That was one of my windier night sails and very exhilerating indeed.   Definitely in the Top 5 night sails of all time!!

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