Thursday, September 29, 2016

Coolest Sail Photo of the Last 20 Years

In the summer of 2008, the Maltese Falcon visited the Bay Area for the first and only time.  The 289 foot super yacht was here to support the Leukemia Cup in September.  During her infamous stay in the bay, she was hit and run by another boat and in the shot above, was witness to a terrible fire on Angel Island.  This shot was taken from the Golden Gate Bridge on a HD camera.  The owner of this amazing vessel, billionaire Tom Perkins, was paying homage to the Clipper Ships of yore when he built his dreamboat.  In this instance, the sails drop down from each yardarm and all three masts rotate to tack or gybe.  All at the click of a button.  Pretty cool indeed.  And all from a small control panel in the cockpit.

What i love about this photo is juxtaposition of this conspicuously consumed yacht and this wild fire in the hills that burned 3/4 of the island.  It brings goose bumps to my skin.

I will expound further on the boat that hit the Falcon in a later post.  The skipper ended up getting the Bonehead Move of the Decade!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ready to Vendee?

Had a nice sail to Craig's Cove on Sunday with Julie and Mike.  No wind at first and then it turned into a normal 20 knot day on the bay towards the afternoon.  Great sailing and good clean fun!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Pics of the Week

Enjoy your weekend.  I plan to sail Saturday and Sunday!

To Travel - Get Out There and Make It Your Own

These next two vids are perfect examples of why traveling is so awesome.  If these vids don't make you want to go outside and enjoy this amazing place we call home, nothing will.  So dream big and get out there and have some fun!  Full screen is best.  I have been lucky enough to have visited both these destinations.  Bali in 1992 and St. Lucia in 2016.

Alexander Tikhomirov in Indonesia. Bali from Alexander Tikhomirov on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Couple Lands $1m Yacht thru their Youtube Adventure!

I have been watching this couple closely as they left the Caribbean and headed for the South Pacific.  They have been documenting their adventure on youtube with great results.  They have been contacted by a French catamaran company who is giving them a brand new yacht to continue their sail around the planet.  Check out the boat below!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pics from Cali

Back in Delaware with my fam and very happy!

Foiling Fanatics

Off to the east coast for my 40th high school reunion.  One of our classmates is hosting the event at his large home and barn.  I will be DJing the event with a bucket full of tunes from our high school days.  We graduated in 1976 and songs like Play That Funky Music White Boy and Brick House will get everyone on the dance floor.  I am also hosting a Frisbee golf tournament for one of our fallen friends.  I have been playing a long time so I hope to have fun as well as honor David.  Should be a blast to see old friends and my high school sweetheart who I have not seen for 39 years.  Wow.  It's also my birthday week so it should be way too much fun!

Monday, September 12, 2016

24 Months and Counting

We depart for Australia in 24 months!  It will be a one year journey across the Pacific Ocean.  I have 2 friends joining me for the adventure.  I can't wait.  I still need to purchase the boat.  I hope to buy a 90's model of the 3 cabin 42' Beneteau.  One of the places we will be visiting is Tonga.  Maybe we will see and experience these amazing creatures.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

How was Burning Man??

I love that vid!  I have been very fortunate to find a group of like minded folks at the Burn.  Our camp consisted of 49 friendly folks in a great setting.  Our RV's circled the camp which housed our awesome art car the Bioluminesent Slug, a fire pit and canopies with netting to keep the dust out.  We spent our days touring the playa, heading to parties, dancing to the hottest DJ's on the planet and dodging dust storms.  Each night we had a group dinner that was filled with great food and conversation.  The weather was one of the best in recent years.  The morning were usually cloud covered, falling to blue skies and then a bit of wind and dust in the afternoon.  The evening were spectacular with mild temps and no wind.  When you enter the playa at night you are blown away by all the LED lights on the people, the art cars and the bikes.  Like Vegas on steroids.  On the night of the burn, we headed to the playa.  Everything was perfect.  As soon as the sunset, the wind gods came alive with an amazing dust storm and violent winds.  After 30 minutes, it began to mellow and the burn was on.  Pretty amazing indeed.  On our way out, we got caught in a 8+ hour delay at the gate.  Someone was lost so they closed the gate.  Took about 15 hours to get home.  If you are thinking about joining the tribes next year, I would say go and have the metamorphosis of your life!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Pics for your Holiday

Back from Burning Man.  We had a great camp, wonderful art car, awesome weather and the burn was so cool.  Full report later this week!