Monday, July 20, 2020

Back in the Partnership Game!

Signed up a 4th partner to the good ship Aquarius this weekend.  Everyone has a 1/4 equity share buy in at $20k and then $150 a month for slip fees, insurance, property taxes, etc.  When you leave the partnership, you sell your share to the next partner.  I was in another partnership for 17 years on the Newport 30 Addiction.  Instead of paying almost $10k a year, we each pay $2500.  Much better!  And we still get to sail as much as we want.  At $150 a month, that's $5 per day to own a 40 footer in great shape that sails as fast as she is sexy!  If you want to sail on a budget, partnerships are the way to go.

Aquarius outside La Paz during our 7 month voyage to Mexico and back to SF in 18/19.  She was flawless and the motor was the hero.  She is a 2001 40' Jeanneau built in La Harve, FR.  The key element I wanted was 3 cabins for the crew.  We got that and so much more

Monday, July 13, 2020

Wind - One of the best sailing movies of all time!

Wind is available to watch for free on Amazon Prime.  I can stream it from my phone via Wifi using Airplay to my old Apple TV and it looks great on the big screen.  The movie is a sailor's delight as the USA Team loses the Cup and then tries to win it back.  Jenifer Gray is looking great and Modine really looks like a sailor.  The sailing action is real and fun to watch...even if you are not a racer.  Check it out and have the popcorn ready!

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Another Rower in Trouble

Rower Lia Ditton set off for Hawaii several weeks ago.  She was hit by a huge wave and her boat capsized.  She was able to send out a few notes via her website and described the chaos.  You will have to go to her website to read about the ordeal.
Good luck girl, you are gonna need it!

Here is her position.  She is having a tuff time getting into the trades which will take her west to the islands.  We lost another rower last week attempting the same.