Friday, July 29, 2016

Great Dream

We sailed to the Giants game the other day and had a great time.  I just woke up from a great dream.  We were at the game and towards the end of the game they let some of the fans on the field.  Since my sail boat was there, I sailed it onto the field.  Eventually, I anchored and watched the game...on the field.  Not sure how the players did it in 6 feet of water but they were out there.  That's just how dreams work.  I was pretty sure I had the only boat every to motor out onto the field.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Best Day of the Month

Today we are setting sail for the ball park.  The Giants are playing the Reds in an afternoon game and we plan to sail to the park to take in the game.  A few friends will join in the fun and it should be a blast.  The winds are already approaching 20 and we may see some gusts in the 30's.  After the game, we will sail home during sunset.  Wish you were here!

We have a slip at the marina and will walk to the game.  It costs less to park my boat than my car.  And no traffic!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sailing From Around the World

Whales in the Bay

We have had an unusual amount of humpback whales feeding in the bay this year.  I have been sailing the bay since the early 80's and have never experienced this much traffic.  It's all do to their food source which is small fish and plankton. This is good news as the waters of the bay are supporting many different types of marine life.  Normally,  the whales stay out near the Farallon Islands, which are 30 miles west of SF.  Take a look at this cool vid.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Furler Foul

Kona and I were out the other day and we were flying under full jib.  20 knots plus and the wind keeps building.  Time to furl to less than 100%.  I pull the furling line but it won't budge.  The furler is a year old so it should work fine.  Must be tangled inside the drum.  If I try to sail back into the slip I will be going way to fast as we have a downwind slip.  I could head into the harbor, anchor and try to get the sail down.  That's going to be tuff as the sail would be all over me as I anchor.  Before I try that, I go on a reach and the boat is sailing herself just fine.  I shimmy up to the bow and we are heeled pretty good so it's a bit dangerous to be on the pointy end.  I get on my butt and get to the drum.  I do my best to loosen the line inside.  I head back to the cockpit and she furls without issue.  Dodged a big bullet and continued a fine sail and swim in Clipper Cove.  Got lucky and had a great day!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Angel Sail

 Mike, Kona and I sailed out about 11am on Sunday.  Mike mentioned some live music was on tap in the afternoon at Angel Island.  Let's go.  The wind helped us sail a reach to the island and with main and a reduced jib we were fighting in 20-22 knots.  The wind lined us up on the north side of Raccoon Straits.  We did a couple tacks and we headed in to Ayala Cove.  We had a nice lunch in the cockpit and then headed in for some bocce and music.  We played a very competitive game thru the picnic area and Mike won 7-6.  We walked over to check out the trio and found out there is music there every Sunday from 2-4:45.  We heard some old Beatles tunes as well as a few other oldies.  Back to boat and I opt to take the easy way home and we retrace our steps from Emeryville.  The wind is in the mid to high 20's and we are racing to the barn.  Great way to spend a Sunday!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pics for You

Had a great sail with Jason on Thursday.  We had winds in the high 20 and the headed under the bay bridge for a 12 knot cruise across the bay and back.  One more sail on Sunday and the conditions look fantastic.  Get out there if you can!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Airbnb for Exotic Sailing Vacations

Have you ever wanted to do a charter in Croatia or maybe you always wanted to party in Ibiza from the comfort of your yacht.  Well here is your chance.  For anywhere from $50-250 per day, you can join a boat in some of the greatest cruising grounds on the planet.  Instead of organizing your own charter, you jump aboard a boat that is going that way.
Check it here.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Download the Rag

Sit back and enjoy a boat load of sailing adventures and learn more about distant cruising grounds.  Click here.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Manta Alley

We were visiting Tahiti with the Too Much Fun Club.  I had started this company a few years prior (we are approaching 25 years in biz!).  Half of the company was an adventure travel/fun activity based company for singles and couples in the Bay Area.  The other half was an event planning company for company events.  The events biz was starting slowly as I had no one marketing but me and the web was not yet up and running.  One of our greatest trips was a two week long visit to Tahiti.  We had 20 or so folks on the trip.  We were in Bora Bora and out on a dive in the very special place called Manta Alley.  We had heard it was filled with Manta Rays, some with 20 foot wing spans.  We head out in to this plankton filled valley and dive down to 30- 40 feet.  An octopus glides by but no mantas.  We head back to the boat to rest and get ready to do our second dive.  The boat was boring so Frank and I head out for a snorkel.  We head over to the valley once again and from the cloud below us we see some murky figures.  Six mantas come into view.  They are following each other in perfect formation.  Soon they are doing figure eights and more.  It is magical.  Their show lasts for about 10 minutes and then they disappear into the cloud below.  Amazing.  If I had not seen it with my own two eyes, I never would have believed it.  I love nature and this was a highlight for me!  We had a great trip and a bunch more dives.  On another dive on the other side of the island, the dive master would knock on his tank with a metal object and Morey eels would swim out from their hiding place and for a treat, they would allow him to give them a great big kiss!  Wow.  Another first.  We even had a wedding on that trip.  Way too much fun!

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Cali On The Cusp of Legalizing Marijuana

Last week Californians put the legalization of marijuana on the state ballot.  In November we, along with half a dozen other states, will be voting on this issue.  This will be the second time voters have had a chance to vote on legalization.  The tides have turned and most believe it will become legal.  And why should it not be legal?  There are so many positive attributes of this wonder drug.  It fights diabetes, shrinks tumors, kills cancer cells, stops debilitating pain, and helps so many people.  Study after study has proven the medicinal attributes of this amazing plant.  Please watch this great video below and learn more about nature's own cure for many of our ailments.