Sunday, October 29, 2023

duPont sets biggest wave record!

The record was set in Cortes Bank. A mysto seamount 100's of miles off the California coast. Takes 24 hours to get there by motor boat, Justine duPont struck gold on this amazing wave. She just won Female Surfer of the Year plus several other prestigse awards. And yes, she has huge balls! This wave was voted Wave of the Year and just about 75 feet. This wave is off the charts.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

The Last Haha?

This weekend may mark the start of the very last Baja Haha. After 29 rallies, the Grand Pooba may be retiring. The Mexican government wants changes that will not allow the race to continue. I participated in 7 of these rallies and loved it. I would head down to San Diego on Friday and start knocking on hulls trying to find a ride to Cabo San Lucas. It always worked! I met some very cool folks and had great times cruising the 750 mile run. The fleet departs on Monday for the 10 day cruise and I wish I was there. I will be in Cabo celebrating my 30th wedding aniversary. Bon voyage to the Haha fleet!

Devistation in Acapulco

A Cat 5 huricane named Otis has devestated this resort town in southern Mexico. It went from a tropical depression to 165 m/h winds in less than 24 hours. It caught the town unprepaired in the middle of the night. Looting has created a dangerous situation as there is no food, water or fuel available. These folks will be suffering for a long time. So sad and unfortunatly, this will be happening more and more as the ocean warms. Our best wishes to those who survived.

Friday, October 27, 2023

A Beautiful week on the Water

The week began Monday with a sail with the dogs. Hana's brother and a cousin Seqouia along with the their owners. We sailed to Clipper Cove for lunch and a visit to the beach with the dogs. This is where the platform shines. We all jumped onto the raft along with lunch, as the dogs all swam to the beach. The dogs loved the water and sand and we had a bit of sand at the bottom of the wine glass. We took off for a 5 mile sail to Angel Island. Near the point, we tacked and headed out on a reach to the city. With folks at midship and hanging on the platform with outragous views of the city. It was magical. This is the time of year the winds mellows out a bit and is more like 12-15 instead of 20-25. We finished in fine style and everyone went home with a smile. I spent a quiet night aboard and headed home in the morning. Back on Wednesday for a peaceful solo sail. Hana loved the beach and we had good winds after. Yhursdsay we had Marc, Claire, Ted and me on board. We had anoother beautiful sail in 15 knot winds and took them all the way to Quarry beach at Angel. The day was warm as was the wind. We felt like we were in the Caribbean. A nice ride home and then I rushed home to meet Dave and Lucinda. To bed early and then back at it at 11am with them. We hit the beach at Clipper for a romp in the sand with Hana. Then a nice mellow afternoon sail. More magic. We had dinner and some music at Rudy's. At 9pm, I headed up to Berekely to see a Tom Petty band. It was Tom's 73 birthday and he would have been proud. Saturday I did a long run up to Red Rock and then beach and dinner at Quarry Beach on Angel. It was a great week on the water!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Hurricane Norma Bashes La Paz

Back in June we moved a friends boat out of La Paz and up north for this very reason. Many boats have been lost as the owners got lazy and did not move their boats out of harms way. So sad.

Friday, October 06, 2023

My Hero - Webb Chiles

"Almost dying is a hard way to make a living". Dive in with world record holder, Webb Chiles, as he expounds on extraordinary memories and what it means to push the limits of human experience on a 24 foot sailboat.