Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Big Upgrade on Aquarius!

I purchased our Jeanneau 40 back in October 2017. We had issues with the anchor as the socket the remote plugs into was corroded. It always worked but the connection was very iffy. The last 8 months it did not work at all. I asked my engineer friend to give me a hand. He mentioned we should consider a Bluetooth controller. I had always joked about that with guests and today we hooked it up and voila! I am soooo happy! I have been doing the raising manually and getting my hands muddy each time is not my cup tea! Picked up the remote for $20.

Tuesday, January 04, 2022


I have much to be thankful for and look forward to this coming year. In January we head off for a week long charter to La Paz, MX. Boyz trip on a fine cat to the islands off La Paz. We did a side trip here on our voyage to Mexico in 2019. Incredible islands and La Paz is a very cool town. Then in April we head to the Caribbean. A week in a home in St. John's and then a week on a 60' cat with a captain and chef. That is gonna be a hoot with old friends from the bay area. Bridget is joining us. She hates sailing unless the water is 80 and a chef is cooking! Later in the year we are off to Africa on safari! We hope! Depends on the state of the pandemic. Then lots of sails aboard Aquarius here on our bay in San Francisco. Currently going out 2-3 times a week with an overnight here and there. Yesterday had a great sail to the city in 15-20 knot south winds. Very nice, just me an Hana (2 year old golden). It's going to be another year to relish and savor even given our sad state of health across the land.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Surf Pic of the Year!

Peter Mel at Maverick's in Half Moon Bay, CA. January 2021 Click the pic for a bigger view.

Reflections on the year: 2021

Started the year with some great winter sails. I love "winter". Temps 55, sunny and warm, winds 12-15. A nice break from the constant 25-30 we get from April to Late September. Our 1 year old pup, Hana is a joy on the boat. We head to the islands most days and swim to the beach for a romp in the sand. We took out Hana's siblings and our friends several times and the dogs are becoming great swimmers. One day we showed up at Clipper Cove and Hana's sister was on the beach. As soon as we got within 500 yards, Hana could smell and see her on the beach. We anchored and Hana swam to the beach and the dogs went nuts. We sailed to 3 baseball games over the summer and the Giants were on fire. Took out a bunch of friends as usual for day sails. Signed up two new partners, one in March and one in October. We have a total of 4. We had the engine looked over in late March and it took a while to get the heat exchanger installed. It all worked out and she is purring like a large lion. We had lots of sailing in 30 plus knots this summer. Took out my guy friends for a weekend of sails in June with great success and dinner aboard. Got a request from my old friend Yvonne and we took out a bunch of her friends for an afternoon sail out of Sam's. Had a great couple of days with my friend Dave and we stayed over in Sausalito for the night. Next day we were up early to bike around Angel Island. What a beautiful ride with a 360 tour of the SF Bay. We are in a rainy period as the holidays arrive. I have one more over night coming up before the New Year with Frank and Andy. I figure I was on the water about 100 days plus this year! Here's to a great 2022! Here is a video blogger I watch every now and then.

Friday, December 03, 2021

Mike Plant's Old Boat

You may know the Mike Plant story of a young man wanting to challenge the best in an around the world race called the Vendee Globe.  His original boat has been sitting in a front yard for 25 years and is now being turned into a family cruiser. They are documenting the redo on the boat for our pleasure.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Trip Back in Time...Galapagos

We finally made it to the islands!  I had planned to sail there in 2019.  Didn't happen, voyaged to Mexico instead.   We had planned the trip with friends for 2020.  Nope, covid.  Finally made and it was a trip to savoir.  We flew from Ecuador to the islands and jumped on Evolution (an old whaling ship turned into a beautiful passenger yacht).  With 31 passengers and 20 some crew, we were off an an adventure of a lifetime.  November is a perfect time to visit.  Daytime temps rarely hit the mid 70's.  The ship was outfitted well with zodiacs ready to take us to the islands for hiking and snorkeling.  We took 8 friends with us and we were all friends of 30+ years.  We spent our days with our guides who were well versed in the flora and the fauna of this storied archipelago.   The beauty of the islands is that for most of the creatures, there are no predators so the animals are not afraid of you.  We saw many species of birds including the blue footed boobies.  The snorkeling was magnificent as we are in the middle of nowhere (about 650 miles off the coast).  Sharks, sea turtles, millions of fish,  iguanas and seals everywhere.  On our last day we headed up into the hills and visited the giant tortoises.  120 years old and 500 pounds some of them.  We spent a week on the water and visited about 5 islands.  Everyone in our group had a splendid time and we would highly recommend this group for a tour.

Click any pic for a better view: