Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Back to Maui for some Sailing!

We have a nice time share over on the westside of Maui. We were there in September for my birthday. We are heading back this weekend for another adventure with a couple of friends. It should be an active week with sailing, SCUBA, snorkeling and some hammock time. I have been sailing a bunch this spring on the bay and it has been heavenly. On Monday, winds were in the low 30's for most of the afternoon. When it blows this hard, I usually head under the bay bridge for a mellower ride. Not this time as the wind was just as strong but the waves were a little smaller. Had a run up the city front and over to Angel Island for a trip to the beach with Hana. We spent the night in Kona Cove and I put out 100' of chain to make sure the tide did not affect us too much. Back to the beach in the morning and Hana scared up a coyote on the beach. She ran around the corner chasing it and thankfully came back in about 30 seconds as she hit the rocky side beach. Glad she decide not to join the pack! Couple more sails this week and then off to the isalnds!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Mavericks Big Wave Contest Moves to Video

The contest that started in 1999, has not been run in years due to many factors. However, Jeff Clark (origial Mav rider from the beginning) has moved this years contest to vid only. It gives a much broader view of the waves and the athelets. Instead of a one day contest on a mercurial wave, the contest runs from November to April. Winners recieve $5000, some of which goes to the photo person. Check the vid and get stoked! Move to 11:30 for the awards.