Thursday, July 28, 2022

Monday, July 25, 2022

The weather is here, wish you were beautiful!

Time to start thinking about a charter or two. I did two this year: La Paz, Mexico and the BVI in the Caribbean. Both were superb and fun! The next two on my wish list are the Whitsundays and Croatia. Bon Voyage! Here is a glimpse of Croatia.

The Big Boys in St. Barts (2015)

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Get Tubed with Kai Lenny!

Best waves of the last 15 years hits Maui after a tropical storm passes by. Biggest Teahupoo in 12 years!!

Sunday, July 10, 2022

More R2AK

I sure enjoy the reading and videos of this amazing race. The inovations that are used to move the boat when there is no wind never cease to amaze. Plus the amount of heart and courage it takes to finish this 700 mile race. Lots of boats this year hit logs in the middle of the night and had to retire due to the damage from the impact. One team mentioned that when they hit the log, the bioluminesence created was impressive. One guy hit 5 logs in one night! I also love the beauty and solitude this race provides. I just watched a dozen videos of the race from the last few years and here a couple that really stood out. for more or browse youtube.

Saturday, July 09, 2022

My Top 10 Favorite Movies

I have watched alot of movies in my almost 64 years. I don't watch many TV shows so instead I watch movies. There was a 25+ year period where my wife and I would go to a movie a week. I guess you would call me a movie buff! I started a list of movies that I love and realized quickly that there were alot more than 10. Here they are in no particular order. Oh Brother Where Art Thou, 5th Element, A Fish Called Wanda, Limitless, Wild Things, Intolerable Cruelty, V for Vendetta, Sideways, High Fidelity, North by North West, Some Like it Hot, ET, Raiders of the Lost Arc, Romancing the Stone, Something About Mary, Heartbreak Kid, Basic Instinct, Big Labowski, Matrix, Dark Knight, Get Out, Back to the Future, Yesterday, Edge of Tomorrow, Terminator 2, Body Double, Talented Mr. Ripley, Flirting with Disaster, American Beauty, Inception, Dead Poets Society, Born Yesterday, Midnight in Paris, I Care A lot

Monday, July 04, 2022

R2AK is Back!

The race to Alaska started a few weeks ago and is still going! The race begins in Port Townsend, WA with a check out leg to Victoria, BC. From there it continues up the inside passage to Ketchican, AK (700 miles). The catch is that no motors are allowed and the currents can be 14 knots against you! First prize is $10k, second is a set of steak knives (remember the famous speech in Glengery Glen Ross, Alec Balwin?). The crazy part about the race is that it can include rowers, paddle boards, and such. The cool part is the inovation on the boats use to create propulsion with oars, bike paddlewheels and so much more. This was the first year that teams could go west around Vancouver Island out into the Pacific. That is exactly what the winners did. Check the site for updates and great reads.