Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baja Haha 18

The Baja Haha is about 7 weeks away and I am stilling trying to get on a boat. After all the fun I had last year, how could I miss it? The Crew List Party is coming up and that may be my best bet. If you have a crew position open or know of someone, please send me a note at fungod at gmail.com.
Last year I cooked and provisioned the boat Rainbow. We had a blast! Hope to see you in San Diego for the rally start!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sojourn to Sausalito

Just back from a two day trip to Sausalito and we had some great sailing and adventures to boot. I departed mid day on Monday from Emeryville and the wind was blowing 26 knots. Had a nice run to Angel Island and then it calmed down to 12 knots from the south west so that I could run right up Raccoon strait without tacking. It was a beautiful moment. Made it over to Schoonmaker Marina and took Kona for a swim at the beach. Next it was off to dinner and a walk thru town. Next morning, I cooked up some blueberry pancakes and then met up with John for a sail. We had some time so we headed for Clipper Cove for lunch and a swim to the beach with Kona. It was a perfect day and beautiful in the cove. Next it was over to Pier 1.5 in SF. Took a little walk and then back to the boat. Then it was off to the Giants game. We had reserved a berth at South Beach and headed in. Great seats and tons of fun. I was in short sleeves for most of the game as the temps were mild which is rare. Based on that, we did not think there would be much wind. Boy were we wrong. It was blowing 30 in the slot and socked in with fog. We could not see a thing as we blasted thru at 7 knots. After 30 minutes of fog, we could start to see the lights of Sausalito and our destination. What an amazing day! On Wednesday, I headed back home with a great run to the barn. Can't wait to do it all again!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rambler on a Good Day

As many of you know, Rambler lost her keel during the Fastnet Race and was lost. All crew were rescued. Here is a vid of better days on this rocket ship doing 25 knots in St. Barts. Enjoy this sweet clip.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Bonehead Move of the Month

Top Captions Contest:

"So what part of 'starboard' don't you understand, you big red behemoth?" — Walter Conner.

"Tanker Foils Yachts Attempt to Steal Ships Anchor." — Jak Ayres

"And now our top nominee for the Sailor's Darwin Award is. . ." or "Sailor's cure for constipation" — Dan Begonia

"Diagnosis: Crew suffers from acute case of SFB (shit for brains)." — Patrick Okey

"In the immortal words of Jim Kilroy, 'Mass times velocity equals right-of-way.'" — Chris Ericksen

"Vessel limited in her ability to maneuver runs down vessel limited in her ability to think." — Tim Schaaf

"Captain to crew, “hold my beer, watch this!" — Jim Van Cleve

"Does insurance cover new underwear?" — Bob C.

"Sometimes it sucks to be the frontrunner! — Ken Fouts

And our favorite: "Artist Cristo attempts to wrap a supertanker in pink," submitted by Paul Clausen.