Friday, July 22, 2011

Awesome Weekend Sails

Had some very nice sails last weekend. Started with a sunset sail with Dave and a few of his friends. Started out preety foggy as we left the dock. After an hour or so it cleared and we had a very nice sail out to Raccoon. Sunday I took the Conmys out and the winds were moderate and we had a very fun sail. Made it to Scott's cove for lunch and then a perfect sail home. Monday I had Travis and Steven out and it was blowing much harder. We only had the jib up and that was plenty. Lots of good times and plenty of wind. Might go for a solo sail this weekend. Cheers.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spotify is Live in the US

For those living under a rock, the greatest music service this planet has ever seen, has finally jumped thru all the legal hoops and is online now. Spotify has been availble overseas and folks have been enjoying this free/paid service like no other. 15 million songs are just waiting to be played on your desktop as well as many mobile devices (paid). For $9.99/month you can have it all. I just joined, picked the Premium package, downloaded the app and I am off and running! I am also hooked in with my iphone and can take it anywhere. You have got to check it out! Click here for more info. Start rocking out now!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

360 view of the Discovery Cockpit

And we thought boating was complicated! See this great view of the cockpit.

Full Screen Only!

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

Watch this amazing view of our watery world. Full screen only!!!

Everything is a Remix

A very clever look at movies and music from an unusual perspective. Starting with Led Zepplin and how they took elements of songs from famous artists and made the songs their own, to George Lucas using scenes from other famous films and incorporating them into Star Wars. This is a very cool look at remixing our favorite works of art. Hell, this blog is a remix! Here is Part 1 and I highly recommend Part 2 and Part 3. Check it here.

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Pics of the Day

Click the pic for a larger view.

Cinemagraphs are Very Cool

Take a picture and then add movement to the mix. Check out this cool technique here.

Yacht of the Week

We don't normally feature motor yachts on these pages, but this one is pretty compelling. At almost 140', this yacht will turn some heads. She has some very futuristic lines and a minimalistic feel down below. Although top speed is in the low 20's, this carbon fiber philly will get you there in style. I think this boat would be awesome with a mast and cutter rig. Ballast would be needed, but she could go as fast under sail as she would with the iron genny. If you like boat porn, check out more pics and the stats on this one of a kind yacht.