Friday, June 16, 2023

Ocean Race Bonehead Move of the Year (so far)

A Detailed Look Back at the Finals of Sail GP (Grand Prix) in SF

Amazing Rescue After Demasting

In the June issue of Latitude 38 there is a must read story of a family who lost their boat in the Pacific due to a demasting. I won't tell you all the details but will say these guys have guts! Go to and download the mag. Go to page 64 and read all about it. Great job to the crew and all those who made this story so spectacular.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

R2AK is in the bag!

After 5 days and change, We Brake for Whales has crossed the finish line in Alaska. This is the engineless race of 700 miles from Victoria, Canada to Ketchikan, Alaska. The boat was a 40' wood boat with eight crew. The also had pedal power on the stern and water ballast. They won ($10,000) by over 50 miles as the seas were horrible the last few days and they soldiered thru. At one point during the race, they baked cookies for the crew! Check the vid below. Also the website:

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

End of the Haha?

I received a note from the Grand Poobah of the Haha and he says the 29th Haha may be his last. Richard has escorted thousands of cruisers from San Diego to Cabo during that time. I have done 7 Haha's on other peoples boats and have always had a blast. Usually there are anywhere from 100-150 boats with over 500 friendly folks sailing south. We have two stops along the way to meet and greet as well as dance and party. We arrive in Cabo 10 days later and the party continues for a few more days. My bet is someone will take up the role (Latitude 38?) as organixer and keep this tradition alive. I sure hope so!!

Friday, June 02, 2023

La Paz to Loreto

I met Joel and his boat Akela (Bristal Channel Cutter 29') at the 2022 Baja Haha. Our cruise from San Diego to Cabo ended shorty after the first night out when the water pump on the engine failed. We sailed back to Ensanada to find parts and I flew home. He found the part and continued to La Paz. With huricane season upon us, he needed to move the boat north to San Carlos. I joined him for the sail last week and we headed up the coast about 125 miles to Loreto. The Sea of Cortez (east side of Baja) is unusually beautiful and filled with wild life underwater. There are a ton of anchorages along the way and we hit the hot spots. Isla San Francisco, Los Gatos, Agua Verde to name a few. We averaged about 22 miles a day and took it very easy. There was very little wind so we motored in very lonely waters. Saw a few boats but not many. Once we got to Loreto, we meet up with a bunch of friends at a resort for dinner and fun. I flew out the next day and the boat is currently in San Carlos for the huricane season (June-November). I hope to rejoin the skipper for the return to La Paz in the fall.