Tuesday, August 29, 2023

It's Always Windy in SF!

I have been sailing a bunch this summer averaging about 3.5 sails a week. The bay waters have been a bit cooler than usual due to upwelling on the ocean outside the bay. The winds in the bay blow from March to October in the 25 knot range. We do see some 30's but not often. We have a geological element that doubles our wind speed every day. We have a very hot valley east of San Francisco that is usually in the 90's to 100 degrees or more all summer (Sacramento). The air rises with the heat and sucks the cold air (50's) off the ocean to the east. As it comes thru the valley of the Golden Gate Strait, it compresses the wind and the speed increases by double. The area east of the Golden Gate Bridge is called the Slot and it is the windiest part of the bay. However, if you get behind Angel Island it is sunny and warm. Swimming weather if you will. I do feel like the bay is a sailors paradise. It kind of a blessing that in the winter we get 10 knots of wind most days. It's nice to relax and enjoy the slower pace.

Friday, August 11, 2023

Pics of the Month

New Addition to Aquarius

Hope you are having a great summer! I sure am. The boat show came around in May. I stopped by a booth with a bunch of inflatables. I had been looking at these floating platforms online but at a grand I did not like the price. The guy at the boat show sold me a very nice one at half the price. This is the 7' x 7' version and it fits perfectly between the mast and traveler. What I really like about it is that now instead of my crew sitting on the boat while I kayak into the beach with Hana, they can jump on the platform and join me on the beach. 3-4 folks can fit along with all the beach gear. If I am out alone, its nice to anchor and take it out around the anchorage and say hellow to my fellow boaters. They have a bunch of cool stuff including an inflatable catamaran. Check them out here: https://furthercustoms.com/