Friday, December 24, 2021

Surf Pic of the Year!

Peter Mel at Maverick's in Half Moon Bay, CA. January 2021 Click the pic for a bigger view.

Reflections on the year: 2021

Started the year with some great winter sails. I love "winter". Temps 55, sunny and warm, winds 12-15. A nice break from the constant 25-30 we get from April to Late September. Our 1 year old pup, Hana is a joy on the boat. We head to the islands most days and swim to the beach for a romp in the sand. We took out Hana's siblings and our friends several times and the dogs are becoming great swimmers. One day we showed up at Clipper Cove and Hana's sister was on the beach. As soon as we got within 500 yards, Hana could smell and see her on the beach. We anchored and Hana swam to the beach and the dogs went nuts. We sailed to 3 baseball games over the summer and the Giants were on fire. Took out a bunch of friends as usual for day sails. Signed up two new partners, one in March and one in October. We have a total of 4. We had the engine looked over in late March and it took a while to get the heat exchanger installed. It all worked out and she is purring like a large lion. We had lots of sailing in 30 plus knots this summer. Took out my guy friends for a weekend of sails in June with great success and dinner aboard. Got a request from my old friend Yvonne and we took out a bunch of her friends for an afternoon sail out of Sam's. Had a great couple of days with my friend Dave and we stayed over in Sausalito for the night. Next day we were up early to bike around Angel Island. What a beautiful ride with a 360 tour of the SF Bay. We are in a rainy period as the holidays arrive. I have one more over night coming up before the New Year with Frank and Andy. I figure I was on the water about 100 days plus this year! Here's to a great 2022! Here is a video blogger I watch every now and then.

Friday, December 03, 2021

Mike Plant's Old Boat

You may know the Mike Plant story of a young man wanting to challenge the best in an around the world race called the Vendee Globe.  His original boat has been sitting in a front yard for 25 years and is now being turned into a family cruiser. They are documenting the redo on the boat for our pleasure.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Trip Back in Time...Galapagos

We finally made it to the islands!  I had planned to sail there in 2019.  Didn't happen, voyaged to Mexico instead.   We had planned the trip with friends for 2020.  Nope, covid.  Finally made and it was a trip to savoir.  We flew from Ecuador to the islands and jumped on Evolution (an old whaling ship turned into a beautiful passenger yacht).  With 31 passengers and 20 some crew, we were off an an adventure of a lifetime.  November is a perfect time to visit.  Daytime temps rarely hit the mid 70's.  The ship was outfitted well with zodiacs ready to take us to the islands for hiking and snorkeling.  We took 8 friends with us and we were all friends of 30+ years.  We spent our days with our guides who were well versed in the flora and the fauna of this storied archipelago.   The beauty of the islands is that for most of the creatures, there are no predators so the animals are not afraid of you.  We saw many species of birds including the blue footed boobies.  The snorkeling was magnificent as we are in the middle of nowhere (about 650 miles off the coast).  Sharks, sea turtles, millions of fish,  iguanas and seals everywhere.  On our last day we headed up into the hills and visited the giant tortoises.  120 years old and 500 pounds some of them.  We spent a week on the water and visited about 5 islands.  Everyone in our group had a splendid time and we would highly recommend this group for a tour.

Click any pic for a better view:

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Burning Delight


An amazing Burning Man exhibit. If you look closely, you can see some Burners in the reflections.  My three voyages to the playa have been life enhancing!  We had an amazing set up of tents and screens to keep a good portion of the dust to a minimum.  Inside we had seating for 30 at several long tables, a kitchen, and an area to relax with couches for a comfy vibe.  The piece de la resistance was the Bioluminescent Slug, our art car!    We had a flatbed truck turned into a 2 floor disco with a kick ass DJ system.  The design was brilliant.  PVC pipe supported a fabric skin that along with the lighting and sound made this art car a head turner.  Comfortably we could accommodate 30 people on the two floors.  We had as many as forty five!  Our gift to the playa was free rides on the slug.  We also did a wedding in an outdoor chapel and drove the bridal party to a dance tent after the nuptials.  Some of the creative exhibits were mindblowing.  And some were so simple.  One guy who came thru our camp sat down with a bag of coconuts and commenced to break them open so we could drink the milk.  Another guy brought a half pound of cocaine which he shared with who ever wanted some.  No wonder the parties went all night!  The first time you enter the playa at night, your whole concept of life will change.  It is amazing to say the least.  Thank-you Burning Man and a big hug to my camp mates at High Maintenance.

Friday, November 05, 2021

Galapagos Adventure

Bridget and I are off the Ecuador for a week long trip to the islands of Darwin fame.   We are taking 4 other couples along for the ride.  Be looking for some pics after the 20th of this month.  Bon voyage!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Chasing the Dream

You get a lot of time to think when you are alone at sea on a small boat, with few distractions but the water rushing by, and the stars at night, standing on deck alone and insignificant on the wide ocean, naked, peeing into the full moon... The downhill run to Papeete is a classic one, sailing right into the southern cross, It took 8 days to sail from the Marquesas to Tahiti, and in that time I experienced every emotion in the rainbow, from sheer terror, to sadness, to un-controllable mirth. I purged every dark corner of my mind, with nowhere to run from the truth, and came away cleansed, lighter, and much much stronger.

I realise now that I have shed almost all my fears. I am not afraid of dying, and I am not afraid of being alone. Actually, my life is wonderfully streamlined when I am left to my own devises. I am not afraid of being judged. I am not afraid of what I do or don't have. My idea of success is not based on money, but rather on the ability to wake up and say "yes, let's go to the waterfall today". The idea that freedom IS the end goal, and that money is just a means to that end, and that if you are not careful to make the distinction, the chasing of money can actually take away from that freedom--the means becomes the end. By that measure, my life so far has been a smashing success, and the only thing that scares me anymore is letting this crazy, beautiful life pass me by. No matter how hard I try, I will only have a fraction of the adventures I would like to. I will only see so many sunsets, I will only hold so many beautiful women in my arms.

Saying yes becomes more urgent as we get older, yet harder and harder to say. Life thunders by, and dreams are crushed beneath the wheels of time. I find that not being afraid is a tremendous freedom in itself. I will remember to say yes, more than just 'whenever possible', for it is at these times when I am most alive.

Who said, our greatest fear is not that we are weak, but that we are powerful beyond measure?' That hits the nail on the head. I don't know where this crazy, stormy, leaky boat of a life is headed, but I sure know that its beautiful out here under these stars with dolphins chasing my stern...

Super Maxi Bonehead Moves

 Heading home from Yucatan to a storm on Sunday.  Sailing should be in the mid twenties and a sailors dream.  Go full screen!

Songs About Sailing - The Definitive List

  • 4 Preps - 26 miles
    "Aaliyah - ""Rock The Boat"" "
    Al Stewart - Life In Dark Water
    Arlo Guthrie - Sailor's Bonnet
    Avalon - Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
    Basil Poledouris- The Dinghy Race (Senta) .
    Beach Boys - Kokomo
    Beach Boys - Sail On Sailor
    Beach Boys - Sloop John B
    Beca Boys - Sail on Sailor
    Billie Holiday - A Sailboat in the Moonlight
    Blondie - The Tide Is High
    Blue4s Image Ride Captain Ride
    Bob Dylan-  Shelter from the Storm
    Bobbie Darin - Beyond the Sea
    Burl Ives - Away Rio
    Burl Ives- Leave her Johnny leave her
    Burl Ives- What do you do with a drunken sailor
    Buster Poindexter- Hot hot hot
    Carbon Leaf - Home
    Cat Steven - Longer Boats
    Cat Stevens - Angel Sea
    Cat Stevens- The Wind by
    Cecilio and Kapono (from Hawaii) - Sailing
    Chris De Burgh - Sailing Away
    Christie Moore - The Voyage
    Christopher Cross - Chris Cross
    Chubawumba -Tubthumping
    Come Sail Away - Styx
    Commodores - Sail On
    Cowboy Junkies- White Sail
    Craig Toungate-Yo Ho, Ho (and A Bottle of Rum)
    Crash Test Dummies -Swimming in your Ocean
    Cream—Tales of Brave Ulysses
    CSN - Shadow Captain
    CSN - Southern Cross
    CSN&Y - Lee Shore
    CSNY  - Wooden Ships
    David Gray - Sail Away
    Dire Straits - Down To The Waterline
    Dire Straits - Singlehanded Sailor
    Doors - Land Ho
    Doors—Crystal Ship
    Double - Capt. of Her Heart
    Duran Duran - Rio
    Ella Fitzgerald- Smooth Sailing by
    Elvis Costello - Shipbuilding
    Enya - Caribbean Blue
    Enya - Orinoco Flow
    Enya - Sail Away
    Eric Bogel' - Safe in the Harbor
    Eric carmen - Boats Against The Current
    Eric Wakely - Sailing Solo
    Every Mother Son -Come on Down to my Boat Baby
    Frank Sinatra - Summer Wind
    Freddy McGregor - Big Ship Sailing
    Garth Brooks - The River
    Glenn Yarborough - Chanteyman
    Glenn Yarborough - I Could Have Been A Sailor
    Goldfinger - 99 red balloons
    Gordon Bok - Isle a Haut
    Gordon Lightfoot - Ghosts of Cape Horn
    Gordon Lightfoot - In the Lee of Christian Island
    Gordon Lightfoot—Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald
    Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain / Closer To Home
    Grand Funk Railroad -Closer to my Home
    Grateful Dead - Ship of Fools
    Grateful Dead- Franklins Tower
    Grateful Dead- Lost Sailor
    Great Big Sea - A Boat like Gideon Brown's
    Great Big Sea - Boston & St Johns, Great Big Sea - Wave over Wave
    Great Big Sea - Captain Kidd
    Great Big Sea - Lukey
    Harry Belefonte- Day Oh (Banana Boat song)
    Harry Belefonte- Jamaca Farewell
    Ian Matthews- keep on sailing -
    Jack Johnson-  A Pirate Looks at Forty
    Jack Johnson- The Horizon has been defeated
    James White -Splendid Adventure
    Jeff Beck -Blue Wind
    Jefferson Starship—Santiago, Wooden Ships
    Jerry Jeff Walker - Pissn' in the Wind
    Jim Morris  - Key Wasted
    Jim Morris  - Laid Back
    Jim Morris -The Sailor Race
    Jimi Hendrix -  Drifting
    Jimmy Buffet - Lovely Cruise
    Jimmy Buffet - Take It Back
    Jimmy Buffet - changes in latitudes
    Jimmy Buffet - Fins
    Jimmy Buffet - Landfall
    Jimmy Buffet - Margaritaville
    Jimmy Buffet - mother ocean
    Jimmy Buffet - one particular harbor
    Jimmy Buffet - Pirate
    Jimmy Buffet - Sea of heartbreak
    Jimmy Buffet - Landfall
    Jimmy Buffet -Boats to Build
    Jimmy Buffet Sea of Heartbreak
    Jimmy Buffet- Son of a Son of a Sailor
    Jimmy Buffett - Boats To Build (with Alan Jackson)
    Jimmy Buffett - One Particular Harbor
    Jimmy Buffett - The Captain and the Kid
    Jimmy Buffett- Lovely Cruise
    Jimmy Buffett- Mother Ocean
    Joan Baez—Spanish Boots
    Joe Cocker- Sail Away
    Kalapana - Midnight Sailing
    Kenny Chesney - French Kissin' Life
    Kenny Chesney -Be as you are
    KT Tunstall - Silent Sea
    Leadbelly-Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
    Lindisfarne - Fog on the Tyne
    Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes
    Little River Band - Cool Change
    Loggins and Messina - Vahevala
  • Loggins and Messina - Sailin' the Wind
    Looking Glass-Brandy
    Loudan Wainwright's III - Good Ship Venus
    Luka Bloom - Sunny Sailor Boy
    Lyle Lovett - If I had a boat
    Maggie reilly- Silver on the tree / angel tears
    Mark Knoppfler and James Taylor - Sailing to Philadelphia
    Mary Black - Columbus
    Men at Work - Down Under
    Michelle Shocked - It must be Luff
    Moon Mulican - I'LL SAIL MY SHIP ALONE
    Morcheeba - The Sea
    Mountain - 'Nantucket Sleighride'
    "Nick Cave -""The Ship Song
    Otis Redding - Dock of the Bay
    Paul Simon - American Tune
    Peter Frampton - sail away
    Peter, Paul & Mary - Big Boat
    Phil Ochs—Scorpion Departs, Thresher
    Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister
    Randy Newman' - Sail away
    Rod Stewart - Sailing 4x
    Roger & the Goosebumps - 'Gilligan's Island’ to the tune of 'Stairway to Heaven'
    Roger Whittaker - The Last Farewell
    Ry Cooder/Chieftains- Coast of Malabar
    Salty Dick -  A Matlow Told Me
    Salty Dick - Christopher Columbo
    Salty Dick  North Atlantic Squadron
    Salty Dick - Priests and Nuns
    Salty Dick -The Whores of Sailortown
    Sandy denny and the strawbs - sail away to the sea
    Sonia Dada- Sail Away
    Split Enz - Six months in a leaky boat
    Stan Rogers -  Flowers of Bermuda
    Stan Rogers - Fogarty's Cove
    Stan Rogers - The Bluenose
    Stan Rogers - The wreck of the jeanie c
    Stan Rogers - White Squall
    Stan Rogers -Barrett's Privateers
    Stan Rogers -Make and Break Harbor
    Stan Rogers -The Mary Ellen Carter
    Stan Rogers,-  Sailing Down to Ol' Maui
    Sting - Valaparaiso
    Sting - Why Should I Cry for You?
    Sting The Wild Wild Sea
    Styx - Come Sail Away
    Taj Mahal - Fishin Blues
    The beautiful South - I sail this ship alone
    The Doors - Land Ho!
    The King Singers - The Skye  Boat Song
    The Muppets (from Muppet Treasure Island) - Sailing for Adventure
    Toni Childs - Where the Ocean
    Van Halen - Feels So Good
    Van Morrison - Into the Mystic
    Wagner -Ride of the Valkyries Wagner

Borrowed from Messing About in Sailboats

Go to the 8 minute mark for the sailing.


Epic Surfing Read

Vacationing down in the Caribbean and am reading a great book about chasing the perfect wave back in the day. Check it out, Barbarian Days. You will not regret it.

Friday, October 08, 2021

Teahupoo Goes Off One Last Time

The surf season in Tahiti is winding down after a very active few months. Here are some amazing rides by some of the top chargers in the South Pacific. Follow the link to Surfline for this amazing vid.

Pics of the Week

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Burning Man Drone Show...Otherworldly!

This years burning man did not happen...officially. However,18,000 folks showed up to celebrate the man anyway! Saturday they tradionally burn the man and it is spectacular. This year they used drones for an unforgettable show. Start thinking about going to BM 2022!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Famous Flying Fish Story

In the 2011 Haha, we were approaching Cabo at sunrise. Still 30 miles away, the sun started to rise. The crew was asleep and I was in the bow thinking about how sailing had enhanced my life, the experiences I had and all the great people I had met. All of the sudden, a flying fish jumped out of the water and flew into the tip of my penis. It shocked me but no injuries were reported. He was flopping on deck so I picked him up and threw him back into the water. Do you know what they call that? Crotch and release! True story.

Thursday, September 09, 2021

The Man, The Myth, Did I mention Legend?

Most waves you catch last a few seconds, maybe five - ten seconds if you catch a good one. Here is Laird catching a 3 minute wave. Cowabunga my friend!

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Top Reasons to go Sailing!

I have a few days of sailing coming up and looking forward to some birthday sails! We also have the Lat38 Crew Party on Thursday. Sunday is the Annual Beach Bash that I have hosted since 1987! Good stuff is happening so steady as she goes.

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Looking for a new partner

Here is the ad from craiglist: Have you ever wanted to have a large, elegant yacht to enjoy and share with friends and family at a very reasonable price? Yet, you did not want all the hassle of boat ownership? Welcome aboard our three-cabin 2001 Jeanneau 40. She had a major refit in 2018 for a successful voyage deep into Mexico and back. Large touch screen chart plotter, autopilot, AIS, radar, new rigging, new jib furler, new jib, 200' of chain with Rocna anchor, awesome Bluetooth windlass for hassle free anchoring, stack pack with lazy jacks, all lines led aft, spinnaker, new head, galley with 2 burner stove and oven, steering cables replaced, LED lights everywhere, video system for DVD movies, 4 huge AGM batteries, inverter, Bluetooth stereo with indoor/outdoor speakers, wind speed, depth, dual wheel, swim deck with ladder, six-man life raft, two heads, dodger, and bimini. I have been managing successful sailing partnerships for 20 years. At $150 per month, this is one of the most affordable partnerships on the bay. The equity cost is $20,000 (4 partners). With an equity partnership, you get the $20k back when you leave the partnership (or whatever the market will bear at that time). I take care of all the maintenance while you get to go sailing! Our last partner to join recently paid a great compliment to the partnership. He said, "I feel like I won the lottery!" He recently spent the weekend on the hook at Aquatic Park and had a blast. When I advertised for a partner last time, I filled the spot in 2 days, so this will go fast. I am available on Labor Day (9/6) for viewing the boat. If that is not convenient, I am available during the week and the following Saturday. Looking for experienced and confident sailors only. Emeryville sits at the end of the slot and is known for its consistent 20-25 knot winds as you depart the channel. If you want to sail affordably and without all the hassle of boat ownership, you could be our newest partner! We recently had $6000 of engine work done and the Yanmar 56 is strong and ready for the next adventure. Here is a walk-thru of a sister ship with 2 cabins. Please note that the boat in this video is not our boat, but very similar. Contact me:

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Great Commentary, Incredible Shot!

I have been playing disc golf since college (over 40 years). And still playing several times a week. I love that is such a simple game, yet very difficult. Enjoy this shot from the national championship in Utah. This is a shot of 247 feet!!

Monday, August 09, 2021

Wife's Away, A Sailor Will Play

My wife had a family function to attend in SLC and I dropped her at SFO. I took off for the boat about 30 minutes away. After some chores, Hana and I took off for a sail. Winds in the 20's got us to Clipper Cove and a nice beach in no time. There were a few boats there and anchoring is usually easy. I tried twice but the anchor did not bite, so we headed back to the dock. Friday I had a few friends join me for another sail to Cilpper. We swam to the beach and had a great lunch as well. The winds were in the high 20's as we hit the end of the island. After a tuff tack we made it around and back to the marina. Had a bunch of chores on Saturday including changing the transmission fluid. Out for a short sail and then home. Sunday was a big day for Hana as her brother was onboard. They played and wrestled as we sailed to Angel Island. I took them to the beach and they had a ball swimming for the stick. 30 knots of wind got us home quickly and my friends loved it. I even made it on time after the sail to pick up my wife at the airport.

Saturday, August 07, 2021

Everything is fine...until it isn't

Having your mast break on the ocean is right up there with losing your keel. You hope and prey you never have to deal with either. As this couple finds out, it can happen on a glorious day! And they catch it all on film. Be safe out there!

Friday, July 30, 2021

Remember this one? 1986

This is the most played vid on MTV ever. Celebrating 40 years of MTV this week. Check out the top 100 videos of all time.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

100 Foot Wave Flick - Nazare

Just watched the 2nd episode of HBO's 100 Foot Wave documentry and very much enjoyed the action and drama of this very dangerous break in Portugal. Garrett attempts to surf the biggest wave ever ridden. It's a sweet ride with a fantastic finish. Check it out on HBO and stream it to the big screen! The waves are soo huge and almost bone crushing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Maze!

I got such a kick out of this video. I hope you do too. Off to the Delta with my girl Hana for a week. Sailing, relaxing and some adventure!

Monday, July 12, 2021

Sailing to the Game!

It's been 2 years since we sailed to a Giants game. John and I took off in 20 knot winds and made it down the city front. Our slip was ready at South Beach and we strolled into the stadium. Great seats as we watch the Giants win 3-1 and the best record in baseball. Not many expected the Giants to be this good! We jumped back on board for a 25 knot sail home. Dinner on board with steak, chicken and polenta. Nice. John heads home and I hit the hay. Hana and I are up early for a romp in the park. Then as the tides turn favorable, we head out in 15-18 knot winds from the southwest. We make it to Paradise Cove in Tiburon and head to the beach. Hana loves it. On our way home we had steady 30 knot winds and I was glad to see the channel markers and our home port. In about 10 days, I head to the Delta solo. Should be interesting.
McCovey Cove on a good day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wing Foil Attempt to Hawaii Fails

The big-wave surfer who set out from Half Moon Bay last week in hopes of crossing the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii alone pulled into Morro Bay on Sunday night, shutting down his trip after six challenging days. Chris Bertish, the South Africa-born waterman who stand-up-paddleboarded 4,000 miles across the Atlantic by himself four years ago, launched from Pillar Point Harbor last week on a custom-made hydrofoil boat powered by a handheld sail — a novel craft for the 2,400-nautical-mile voyage he was attempting. Bertish had planned to spend about two months at sea. He hewed closely to his planned route for the first several days but then, off the Big Sur coast, diverted back to shore in San Luis Obispo County after his “main electronics systems drained overnight, which shouldn’t happen,” according to a statement from his shore crew. He also had “some issues with water getting into the craft previously, and he realized that he could not move forward across the Pacific without addressing these two issues first,” the statement said. “With all these adventures you have to be 100% confident in your craft and the integrity of the vessel you’re with, and until that’s in place, the only right and rational decision is to get the craft up to speed before continuing on,” Bertish said in the statement. Bertish is transporting his boat to Berkeley for repairs. He said he hopes to restart the trip at some point — potentially in the next month. Despite cutting his journey short, Bertish may have set an obscure world record in the process for traveling 212 miles unsupported on his wing-foil boat, according to his crew’s statement.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Transpacific Rower Rescued

On the morning of May 31, Bay Area kayaker Cyril Derreumaux paddled out the Golden Gate on a solo journey to Honolulu, HI. The 43-year-old father of two expected to paddle 2,400 nm over 70 days, solo and unsupported. However on Saturday, June 5, the US Coast Guard Sector San Francisco watchstanders received a report at 9:42 p.m. “from a kayaker who was making a solo voyage from Sausalito to Honolulu.” Cyril was rescued on Sunday morning approximately 70 miles west of Santa Cruz. Upon his leaving San Francisco Bay, progress had been steady, and Cyril’s InReach message on ‘Day 1’ indicated all was well. “Great day, seeing lots of whales along the route. Paddled for the entire day only stopping once for a 1/2 hour nap in the cabin. Stopping for the day to use the good conditions to deploy the sea anchor and work on a routine for the nights to come.” By the third day the swell and wind had increased and were forecast to keep increasing over the coming days. Cyril then spent a number of days on the sea anchor waiting for conditions to improve and allow him back into the seat to continue his journey. On the fifth day he wrote, “Still on anchor. Valentine is my cocoon and I feel safe even with the noisy waves crashing on me. I feel rested even if I wake up every one to two hours to check plotter.” After three days on anchor riding out 30- to 35-knot winds with gusts to 45 knots and rough seas with troughs of 4.5 meters, during which Cyril reported, “the waves breaking on the cabin of my kayak with an impressive noise,” the kayaker’s ground crew told him they had lost his AIS signal for three hours — the GPS signal had been lost and could not be recovered. In a sudden turn of events the sea anchor now also appeared to be damaged and the kayak began behaving erratically. “In a few moments my kayak was positioned almost parallel to the axis of the waves, and I found myself violently tossed from side to side, along with all the equipment that was stored in the cabin,” Cyril reported. It quickly became clear to the solo kayaker that he could not safely enter the water to deal with the problem. “Attempts to get out to more accurately assess the condition of the sea anchor and to resolve the issue were unsuccessful and resulted in water entering my cabin.” Throughout this time Cyril was in constant contact with his land-based support crew discussing the circumstances. “As night had just fallen, it was clear that the situation was not sustainable: inability to eat, drink, sleep, communicate easily with my team ashore.” They jointly decided to contact the US Coast Guard to explore all their options. “Being still quite close to land (60 nm) and considering the deteriorating weather conditions which could have made a rescue operation more complex and dangerous for all in the days to come, I made the very difficult decision to request an evacuation.” In the early hours of Sunday, June 6, the USCG hoisted the tired but uninjured adventurer into a helicopter and returned to Air Station San Francisco. Coast Guard spokesperson Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Kroll said, “Recognizing that the situation was beyond his capabilities and calling for assistance allowed our crews to reach him in time for a successful rescue.” The next step is to locate the vessel and recover it so he can continue his voyage.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

I Give you the Mathew Turner

Matthew Turner is a tall ship designed after the ship Galilee, which was built in the late 1800’s by the ship designer and builder Matthew Turner. The Galilee held the San Francisco to Tahiti passage record of 19 days for many years. Matthew Turner will expand the capacity of programs that are currently running onboard Seaward, which currently serves middle school aged youth and engages them in marine environmental education. Expanded programming will enable Call of the Sea to reach even more students (from 5,000 to 15,000 served annually). Ship Specifications: Length Overall: 132′ Length on Deck: 100′ Beam: 25′ Draft: 10′ Sail Area: (11 Sails) 7,200 sq ft Height of main mast: 100ft Displacement: 175 tons 38 Berths for voyaging Constructed with Douglas Fir, Oregon White Oak and Bronze Fastenings Two 200 KW electric motors regenerating power under sail Two 50 KWH banks of Lithium batteries Two 265 KW bio-fuel generators Took 7 years to build at $6 million Most of the work was done by volenteers

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Build Me A Beast!

I don't know if I have every seen a yacht this beautiful. Now, where did I put that $50mil?

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Maps of Home - ACTION EDIT

John John Florence is one of the top surfers on the Tour. He brings it everytime as you will see in the vid. This edit is from his 22 minute film of the same name. Enjoy the tubes.

Friday, May 07, 2021

*Sail Away*

A beautiful film about the freedom and mystery of the sea. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Found this guy on Youtube that is an amazing film editor and creator. Check him out. "16 Years Young" below also features his amazing skills.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Engine Up and Running

We have a 20 year old Yanmar 56 on our Jeanneau. After our 4000 mile trip to Mexico and back, I wanted to have an expert check her out. As luck would have it, she needed a good going over. The heat exchanger needed a replacement. Due to Covid, the parts have been delayed in transit. Instead of the 5 days we were told, it will end being about 45 days. The part has not arrived, so I asked them to put the old part back on. Finally it is done and we will wait for the new one to arrive. Lots to look forward to as the sailing season is kicking into high gear with 25-30 knot winds on tap for the next 5-6 months. Yipee!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

16 Years Young!

H2uh0 just turned 16 this month! That is pretty amazing considering todays blogoshpere. We are getting close to 3000 entries with many more to come. The sailing world continues to evolve with the big guys on Youtube getting paid by their patrons to sail the world. Pretty amazing and lucky too. Me, I am just a humble blogger talking about sailing and learning from the mistakes of others. Looking back over the years, here are my top 10 highlights: 1. America's Cup right in our backyard with these flying machines hitting 40 knots! 2013 2. Sailing my 40' Jeanneau to Mexico and back to SF for a 4000 mile voyage over 7 months. 2018/19 3. A visit from the 289' Maltese Falcon for a month in September. 2008 4. Multiple trips up the Napa River with biking to the wineries. 5. Multiple trips up to the Delta including two Doo Dah's. 6. Six adventures on the Baja Ha Ha on other peoples boats. San Diego to Cabo San Lucas 7. Chartering in Belize, BVI, Grenadines, and La Paz with friends and family. 8. Safeley sailing our amazing bay with my dogs and friends. 9. Sailing to the ballpark and getting a slip so we can attend the game. 10. Twenty years of managing partnership boats to keep the cost down. With my years of windsurfing included, I am getting close to 40 years of sailing! It has been a wonderful journey and one I hope to continue for another 20 years! Wish I was 25 once more...

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Sailing with Tina Turner

I just watched the HBO documentry on Tina Turner and was blown away by how amazing this woman is. I fell in love with her on a cross contry drive from Delaware to California in 1987. I listened to her album Private Dancer many times on cassette on that drive. What I enjoyed most about the film was how she reinvented herself after her marrige to Ike failed. Ike was a monster. if you are a music lover like myself, you will love this film. No I did not sail with her but its a sweet dream anyway.

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Dolphins Galore

I have seen this phomennon once before in Mexico. It is a truely amazing experience. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Whale of a Sail

We were out sailing about a week ago and heard there was a whale inside the bay. It happens but not very often. We were between Angel and Treasure Island when she surfaced very close to the boat. Cameras came out and this was the result.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Boat almost sinks due to failed transducer

Guy buys a boat that has been on the hard for 4 years. Works for 4 months and during the shakedown sail, the boat fills with water. Could happen to any of us. Take a look and learn.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Skydio Drone Has Arrived!

The drone was delivered over the weekend and the fist flight was Sunday in our cul de sac. Everything worked fine. I will start working with the beacon this week. Check the vid to learn more about this amazing aircraft.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Take Every Wave - The Laird Hamilton Story

Larid is one my heros as far as surfing goes. Such an innovative and fearless pioneer in the big wave surfing world. I have seen some other films about him but this one really captures the excitment he has brought to the genre. The last shot of the movie is a 2 minute ride on his new and improved foil. I have never seen anything like it. You can watch the film uninterrupped on Hulu. Cowabunga my friend!

Race to Alaska 2021 Canceled

This is bad news! I was hoping this summer event would happen but no. However, they are running a video series called the Time Machine where they look back at 25 of the best moments of the race over the last few years. Here is a good one with my favorite team Freeburds brother combo.
Check out the rest here:

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Aquarius Turns 20 Years Young

Here is a letter from my Jeanneau 40 on her birthday!
Greetings from your Birthday Boat! I was born in 2001 in La Harve, France and am writing you this note to celebrate 20 years of sailing the planet. I was purchased from the factory and sailed to the Caribbean by a young French couple, Mauro and Fredriqa. We sailed the islands for 2 years and then they dumped me! But, they wanted to start a family so I forgave them. I was sailed to Florida where I was promptly sold to Tom Durig in Sausalito. They dropped me on a truck bigger than me and across land we went. I had never gone so fast! We arrived at the docks and like a duck in water, I was floating again. It seemed I did a lot of that in Sausalito! Tom was a busy biotech CEO and had little time for me. However, he did take very good care of me with maintenance and upgrades. In 2017. a famed sailor from Emeryville stepped on board and I smiled with delight as he is known as a sailor’s sailor. We had a few sails that were fun and exciting including a boat load of folks for the Blue Angles show. Then it was off to the yard for 6 weeks. We still sailed on weekends and some of the upgrades felt good. I finally departed KKMI and to my new home in Emeryville. We sailed like crazy and we kept adding new stuff like the Rocna Vulcan anchor and lots of chain. My bimini came back on board as I had not seen that since the islands. Soon it was time to shove off for a 7 month voyage to Mexico and back! Departing mid September 2018, we had a marvelous 2 months in Cali and then crossed the boarder in November. The crew was kind to me and I kept them safe. In mid April 2019, we returned to the Golden Gate and all were safe and sound. What a splendid voyage indeed. I am currently part of a partnership and I love all the attention I am getting. I go out most weekends as well as during the week and sail in one of the most beautiful estuaries in the world! What could be better? Lastly, if you partners take care of me, I will take care of you! Bon voyage! Aquarius

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

From the Archives: Tsunami Surge Hits Santa Cruz

Way back in 2011, a devasting earthquake hit Japan. It created a trunami that traveled at 600 mph across the ocean. It caused some major damage along the coast of California. Here is some vid from that day as it came into the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Skydio Drone is Amazing!

You may have heard about this drone but I just discovered it. Remember a while back when the much hyped Lily drone was the big thing? It followed you, it was waterproof and pretty cool too. Well it never came to fruition even after raising over $30m in preorders. Now, there is a new kid in town that is hands down the best drone on the market for collision avoidence while it follows you. I think this might be a perfect drone for boaters as you launch it and it flies around the boat while you do nothing to controll it. The technology does not come cheap but this looks like a paradigm shift in autonomous flying. Check out this review of the drone and you may want to consider adding the Beacon to the package. And look forward to some drone footage from high above Aquarius in the near future.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Dark Water

Dear Fungod, When I am out sailing, I will see a gust ahead of me and the water turns a darker shade. Why is that? Chaz Hi Chaz, Alot of folks donot uderstand what is happening here. Because the wind is at a higher speed in that area, the waves are steeper and they reflect less light from the sun and this makes the water darker. You see this phenomenon everytime you go sailing as long as there is wind. Now you know. Sail on, Chaz.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Strange and Wonderful

Finally getting our first winter storm here in the SF area. Winds are at 50 and we are expecting 3-4 inches of rain and 10 feet of snow in the Sierra's. We need everything we can get as it has been dry a long time. Did you recognize the song?

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Flyin' Hawaiian

Head to the 2min mark for the action.
One of the photographers severed his spine on the landing. He is going to make it. "That set came and really caught everyone off guard. I hurried to put my camera away in my dry bag and then I told Cam to just ‘go.’ “I just remember feeling weightless and it taking a really long time to come down. I didn’t realize how fast Cam sent us over the lip of that thing. There was no handle on the ski, so I couldn’t stand up and hold on and hope my legs would have absorbed some of the impact. So, I was just sitting on the back with a death grip on the leather seat. Next thing I know I hear a loud thud. It felt like the ski buckled in half. Along with that, my back sent a shooting pain and tingling feeling from my waist down to my feet. I remember saying, ‘[expletive, expletive, expletive] I’m paralyzed.’ I legitimately thought I was.” On another note: we have had our share of big surf this winter in Northern California. So much so that almost every weekend folks are being careless and losing their lives around the surf. Please look out and never turn your back to the ocean!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Having a great summer!

It almost feels like it. Our drought continues with temps in the 70's this week. It should be cold and raining but our usual weather has moved north to the Seattle area where they are getting pounded with atmospheric rives from Hawaii and Japan. Went out with my first mate Hana (she will turn 1 in Feb). Thursday was 15-17 and beautiful. We sailed smartly to Angel Island and a private beach for two. The weather was so nice and warm as we frolicked in the sand. Returning to the boat, the line sliped and off went the kayak in the wind. I stripped down quickly and jumped into the 53 degree water. Refreshing to say the least. I got the line in my hand and attempted to swim the 30 yards back. With the tide and wind against me there was a question weather I would make it before hypothermia set in. Hana watching me from the deck and even she is gettting worried. I finally make it and tie off the line securely. Back home for a nice curry chicken dinner and then I passout for 3 hours. Next morning I did some work on the boat and we are off by 10am into 14 knots of breeze. I just have the genoa up and we are moving nicely when the Coast Guard pulls up for an inspection. I had been stopped but not boarded just 3 weeks ago. They went thru the safety items and there were no issues. Within about 10 minutes, they were gone and I continued my sail. We made it to another private beach on Angel and went in for some fun. When I say private I mean the only way to get to the beach is by a kayak as the cliffs prevent access. Another warm day and I am naked on the beach with Hana. Some kayakers approach and I take off for a nice sunny hour in the cockpit with the tunes going. What a nice way to spend an afternoon. Back to the marina for a short nap and then home.

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Wave of the Decade at Mav's!

Getting tubed at Mav's is very rare. This is a special wave for a tested veteran of Mavericks.

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Greeting from the Horn!

Charlie Dalin / Apivia Here is a discription of the emotions he felt sailing an endless ocean on the round the planet race, non stop, singlehanded called the Vendee Globe. "The big South is a special place. It's hostile, there is always sea, wind, more wind than you think. The wind is heavy, powerful because it is cold. It was a great experience: the permanent change of time and the tiredness, the depressions which follow one another, it is a jumble of feelings to be in the middle of nowhere, far from any civilization. I spoke to a fishing boat at the beginning of the Indian ocean, it was the only one that I met in the whole South. For 30 days, I saw no sign of human life. We forget our life before the south, just as we forget the life before the pandemic. I forgot about life before the Southern Ocean. The other boats no longer existed, the land no longer existed. You are in an endless world of water. It is unique in the world to be in a place where the closest people are the astronauts. Right now the contrast is stark like when I spoke with the lighthouse keeper a the Horn, I saw a British RAF plane that flew over me, and now the maritime traffic reappears. It is reminiscent of the movie Waterworld. I feel like I'm coming back from a water world where the land was a fantasy. I come back from another planet. I've been through things that I wouldn't have experienced anywhere else, obviously that will have an influence on me." He had just rounded the Horn and a slog thru the Indian Ocrean. He is currently in 2nd place with 6,400 nautical miles to go. About 18 days to go if they averaage 350 miles a day. Currently they are over 400 miles in a day!