Saturday, January 31, 2015

Don't Bother Knocking

The rocking begins just after the 4 min. mark. 73 and sunny in Norcal today.  And no rain the entire month (usually our wettest month).

Friday, January 30, 2015

A Look Back - AC Bonehead Move

A few years back we had some work done on our mast.  After 30 years, the bottom of the mast had corroded so bad, I could poke a screw driver thru the base.  Not good.  We had the yard cut off the bottom four inches and replace with a very hard material called G10.  What we did not know was this put some very high tension on our forestay. Several months later I was out in 15 kt winds when the forestay broke free at it's base.  My initial thought was, the mast is coming down.  I ran to the bow but the wind in the sail held it high enough that I could not reach it to bring it back on to the boat.  Wish the GoPro was running to see all this.  I turn the boat towards the wind and got a hold of the sail and brought her down and lashed it to the mast.  Grabbed the spin halyard and connected it to the bow for more support.  The waves were not that big so I made in to the slip safely.  A nearby rigger came by and said I was one lucky SOB.  He repaired over the weekend and made a stronger hold at the bow.  We have not had any issues since but I will never forget that scarey few minutes in the bow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Pics

Headed up to the boat on Saturday evening.  The breeze was up so Tex and I did a marvelous moon light sail.  Night sails are the best.  No one out and your senses come alive.   With the crescent moon setting toward the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were in seventh heaven as we sailed into the moon lit waters.  The wind built to about 20 and it was glorious.  The boat was sailing fast and we had not expected this much pressure.  Next day we headed out to more wind .  We had to motor a bit but around Treasure we hit the wind line.  15-20 and we were enjoying some Sonoma Champagne.  What a great day to feel the sun on your face and to enjoy the bay.  It does not get much better than this!

Monday, January 26, 2015

An Inspiration

Ruth Flowers spins the hits!
After helping to organise her grandson’s birthday party, Ruth Flowers was inspired to become a club DJ – at the age of 68. She played her first gig at the Villa Murano in Cannes aged 78, and appeared at clubs around the world as Mamy Rock until her death in May 2014, aged 83. Yakovlev photographed her in July 2012. “I spent the last four years traveling in search of people who refused to age ‘appropriately’ and instead, continued to live – joyfully and brightly, often with more exuberance than they had in their youth,” he says. “What I saw and learned completely changed my life and ideas about what humans are now capable of during what was formerly known as ‘old age’.”

I have been a DJ since 1990 and at 56 am feeling a bit old to be a DJ.  However, I recently did a great event in SF and had that crowd rocking the dance floor.  I also did a friends 60th bday in November and shook the ceiling with great tunes from the 60's.  So maybe I am not that old.  If Ruth can do it so can I.  Heck, I am planning to sail 10,000 miles to Sydney when I turn 60.  Not bad for an old guy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pics of the Week

 Mt Everest Traffic Jam

 A dove landed on Robert Plant's hand during a Zepplin show.

Only Three Shows to Celebrate 50 Years of the Dead?

My first show was at Red Rocks in 1978.  I was on a cross country road trip and my bud wanted to see the Dead.  Knowing very little about the band, I was on board.  We had an amazing show and it was the folks around us that made it so.  During the song "The Wheel", the chorus goes, "if the thunder don't get you, then the lighting will", a huge bolt of lighting strikes over head.  I thought to myself, the special effects at this show are amazing.  Since then I have seen the band well over 40 times.  What fun and some great tunes along the way.  Being from the Bay Area, there were many shows in the 80's and 90's in my own backyard.  Shoreline was a favorite venue.  Once I rented a gorilla outfit and halfway thru the show, (just as the shrooms were kicking in for most) I scampered up the grass in my best gorilla imitation and the crowd reacted like I was a real gorilla.  Too funny.  Dancing with the crowd was a huge hit.  Good times indeed!

Please share this vid with your Deadhead friends! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hunky Dory - How I Almost Lost Her

About 15 years ago I was determined to find a boat to sail. Not sure what I wanted but it had to be under $500. I was at a lake and saw a note about a boat for sale. I contacted the gentleman and went to see the boat. He had owned for a while and was getting out of boating. She was a wooden Banks Dory that had been built in a shop class by a local school. She must be 20 years old by now. Anyway, I took the leap on this 16' open sail boat. She had a 505 rig and needed new paint and lots of work. Once I had her home, I had to put her in the water to make sure she still floats. There is a small slough near our house with a boat ramp. I took her down there to put her in the water. It was a low tide and the ramp was steep but I was determined to get her wet. I backed her down and went back to release the line holding her on the trailer. As soon as she started sliding into the water the rope broke and off she went into the water. The tide was flooding pretty good and off she went down the slough. OMG, there goes my boat!! Here I am running down the slough trying to catch up to my boat thinking I may not get her back.  Sure enough there was a bend in the river and she got caught up in some weeds.  My heart is pounding and I am thankful I got her back.   Had her for about 12 years and some great sails on the sloughs, bay and lakes nearby.  I even ended up on the front page of a local paper with me and my old golden Sierra sailing that same slough.  What a great dog and an amazing old boat.  Gave the boat away a few years back.

Let's be carteful in 2015!

Foggy yesterday when Kona and I headed to the boat.  Forecast was for 5kts.  "You never know unless you go" is my new saying.  Headed out and the fog brought the winds up to 10kts.  Tacked near Treasure and the wind continues to increase.  Hardly anyone out and I am almost at 6 kts of boat speed over the ground.  Hit a few  more tacks and finally around 2:30 the wind dies as the sun comes out.  Need to get home early so perfect time to start up the electric motor and head for the barn.  Not a bad sail for a day when I thought there would be very little wind.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

From the Archives - Time Lapse Yachting

Back east this week helping my parents.  They were in a lobby waiting to be picked up on Christmas Eve.  A car came roaring into the lobby of the building and hit both of them.  Mom is doing better.  My Dad was pinned up against the wall by the car.  He will get out of the hospital this week and I hope to assist him in his recovery.  At almost 90 years, it will be tough going.  Please send him some hope with a comment!  His name is Harry.  He got me started on boating on the Chesapeake when I was a small boy.  What a great Dad and Father!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Pics Of the New Year

Are you ready for 2015?  Is this the year you buy a boat, sail the tropics, begin your cruise of a lifetime?  It's never too late to start your dream.  I began my journey 14 years ago when I purchased my first keel boat.  I did not want to spend a ton on boating so I enlisted some friends and stared a boat partnership.  We now have 6 partners and each pay $100/month (just $3 a day/partner) to cover the costs of ownership.  Sailing does not have to be an expensive sport if you take your time and plan.  Here was my criteria for finding our boat;  30 feet in length, strong diesel, legal head, sleeps 4, wheel steering, sloop, and turnkey.  We found all that and much more in our 1981 Newport 30.  This was only the third boat I looked at and we have had so many great times aboard the Addiction.  The boat sails about 1000 nautical miles per year on the SF Bay.  We recently converted to an electric engine and been very pleased with the results.  It just keeps getting better!  So dream big and get out there on the water with your friends and family!  It will be worth it.  Here is a shot of our lovely lady!