Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Baja Haha here I come!

Heading out on Friday to San Diego and hope to join a boat for the 750 mile run to Cabo with 130 boats and 450 friendly folks. I arrive on Friday and begin knocking on hulls to find a ride. This will be my 7th Haha. The first leg is about 350 miles to Turtle Bay, asleepy fishing village in the middle of nowhere. We have a big beach party there. The next leg is about 250 miles to Santa Maria and another bash on a bluff overlooking the fleet. Then an overnight run to Cabo. More celebrations! One of the many highlights was 1000 dolphins around our boat in 2010. A few years later, I felt it was a perfect time for the green flash so I announced my thought over the radio to the fleet. Several cruisers doubted me and one said he had been looking for 40 years and not seen it. As the sun went down, a huge green flash occured. No one could believe it. Wish me a bon voyage!

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

The Duke!

Coming soon to streaming! Ambassador of Aloha. Surfer of the Century. Six-time medal winner over the course of a 20-year Olympic career in swimming and water polo. Credited with popularizing surfing the world over. Actor. Lifesaver (literally saved eight drowning men at one time in Newport Beach). Rider of (presumably) the longest wave in modern times (1 1/8 miles). Sheriff of Honolulu (for 13 straight elections). Continue reading here:

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Download The Mag - The West Coasts' Finest Sailing Mag

Go to for the free download. October is looking like a sailing month indeed. Our transmission got replaced and she is running well. The part came from Lithuania on Ebay and fit perfectly. Back on the water! This week is Fleet Week (Blue Angels) and I plan to take some folks out. Then we are off to Monterey for a week. Tex will join me for a harbor hop down the coast (Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz and Monterey) with day sails in between to each destination. Then at the end of October, I will fly down to San Diego and join the Baja Haha. I knock on hulls until I find a boat. On October 31, 140 boats and 500 friendly folk will depart for the 750 mile run down the Baja coast to Cabo San Lucas. Two stops along the way for some beach parties. This will be my 7th time on the Haha! I can't wait and will surley have some tall tales to tell. Bon voyage!