Saturday, February 16, 2019

Hola from Ztown!!

We have landed in Zihuantanejo, our southern most destination. We departed Yelapa and made our way to some of Mexico’s finest anchorages. Pariso and Careyes were spectacular and we had them to ourselves. Then came the most popular anchorage on our voyage. Tenicatita was special indeed. It is a beautiful bay and beach with one cantina on the beach. The only way to get there is by boat. We met a bunch of cruisers and had some beach fun. We watched the Super Bowl in La Manzanilla and that was a blast. Next day we departed for Las Hadas. Beautiful anchorage next the hotel where 10 was filmed way back when. 40 years at that. Next it was a run down the coast 180 miles to Ztown. We arrived on Wednesday the 13th. Nice little town nestled in the hills and a beautiful bay.  Over the next 3 weeks we have 8 visitors hanging out with us. The last week is the International Gypsy Guitarfest. Michael my bro in law will be here for that. Boat and crew are doing great. More updates soon!

Thursday, February 07, 2019

New Crew

After spending a few nights in Yelapa with John, our new crew arrived and jumped on board.  We met Shaun from a Craigslist ad.  We headed back to Yelapa for one more night.   Had a great time and the weather was nice.  We headed south and made it to a beautiful anchorage called Pariso.   Nice cove with a small beach and a resort nearby.  We played some bocce and had some fun.  Next it was on to Ceryes.  Another gorgeous spot with several coves and beaches.  Some friends joined us for happy hour in the boat and they gave us a rundown on this little slice of heaven.  Then it was off to Tenicatita.  A cruisers dream of an anchorage.   We set up shop near the beach and headed in for a cold one.  There was a small restaurant and the cruisers were hosting a bocce game.  We did our own thing in the shade.  The next day we headed to La Manzanillo for food and fun.  It was a 2 mile run.  At the beach we relaxed and checked the town.  Friday we set up the volleyball net and got together with some fine folks from the anchorage.  We played some bocce and won one and lost one.  Next day we were off for a jungle cruise in the mangroves.  It’s a two mile run up to the next beach and we had some fun.  Very cool in our dingy.  Super Bowl was great the following day at Palapa Joes. 

Our next stop was awesome.  Barra de Navidad.  We checked  into the marina next to a fine resort.  Turns out we had full access to the resort.  Swimming, hot tubing and some hammock time.  We also checked in with the port captain. Very nice stay and we met some cool folks in the hot tub.  Next up is Las Hadas where they filmed the 1979 movie 10 with Bo Derek.