Saturday, August 21, 2021

Great Commentary, Incredible Shot!

I have been playing disc golf since college (over 40 years). And still playing several times a week. I love that is such a simple game, yet very difficult. Enjoy this shot from the national championship in Utah. This is a shot of 247 feet!!

Monday, August 09, 2021

Wife's Away, A Sailor Will Play

My wife had a family function to attend in SLC and I dropped her at SFO. I took off for the boat about 30 minutes away. After some chores, Hana and I took off for a sail. Winds in the 20's got us to Clipper Cove and a nice beach in no time. There were a few boats there and anchoring is usually easy. I tried twice but the anchor did not bite, so we headed back to the dock. Friday I had a few friends join me for another sail to Cilpper. We swam to the beach and had a great lunch as well. The winds were in the high 20's as we hit the end of the island. After a tuff tack we made it around and back to the marina. Had a bunch of chores on Saturday including changing the transmission fluid. Out for a short sail and then home. Sunday was a big day for Hana as her brother was onboard. They played and wrestled as we sailed to Angel Island. I took them to the beach and they had a ball swimming for the stick. 30 knots of wind got us home quickly and my friends loved it. I even made it on time after the sail to pick up my wife at the airport.

Saturday, August 07, 2021

Everything is fine...until it isn't

Having your mast break on the ocean is right up there with losing your keel. You hope and prey you never have to deal with either. As this couple finds out, it can happen on a glorious day! And they catch it all on film. Be safe out there!