Saturday, May 25, 2024

Race to Alaska Begins June 9

We here at H2uh0 love this race. No motors! Pedal power, sail, row, paddle and favorable tides are the only means of transport. 750 miles thru some of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable from Victoria to Ketchikan, AK. And stiff tides that can exceed 14 knots...against you. No outside assistance either. Winner gets $10,000. Second place a set of steak knives. It's one of our favorite races due to the inginuity some teams put together to keep the boat moving forward. This video follows three brothers who are out to win on their second attempt. I also included the vid that inspired them to add steak knives as a prize. This is such a cool race! And an inspiring vid to boot.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

20 second barrels!

What a spring travel season we are having! First we hit Norway for some fun on a cruise up the coast with 2 other couples in March. Dog sledding and ice hotels were the highlights. Norhtern lights too. We even did a night sail on a cat and hit some wind as well. Then a beautiful week on Kauai in Princeville. Kayaking and good food was the theme. We are currntly circumnavigating Iceland on a cruise ship with 200 guests as well as my two sisters on board. Whale watching today and we saw many. Lots more later this year with a sail boat charter in Greece plus the 30th annual Baja Haha and my 8th trip down the coast of Mexico on this rally of 100 boats and 400 sailors. A highlight year for sure. Plus my 28 year old son is getting married in December. Hang on for this wild ride!!