Wednesday, April 17, 2013

California's Most Beautiful Lake

Over the last 33 years of living in California, I have been to Lake Tahoe over 60 times for skiing, boating, family fun, visiting my best friend from childhood, and I have biked around the 72 mile circumference.  It does not get much more beautiful than this.  It is at an elevation of 6200 feet and is over 1500 feet deep.  I can tell you from experience that it is very cold for swimming, even in summer.  The Flume Trail on the east side is mountain bike nirvana and I have biked the trail a half a dozen times.  It is considered the most beautiful mountain bike trail in the west. (although it can be dangerous in spots as 1000' cliffs abound).  The skiing in the area resorts is amazing and I have had the best skiing days of my life here.  If you have never been, please add a trip to the lake to your bucket list. Behold the majesty of the heavenly body of water!

Tahoe Blue from Josh Michaels on Vimeo.
Full screen me please!

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