Monday, June 21, 2010


Here is a quote from a great article about Abby: 'I wonder why the world is in the condition it is in. We sit in our homes and worry about other people trying to do extraordinary things, even though they may be dangerous or a little crazy. Well it's the crazy ones that will be remembered and be the ones to do great things that will have a great impact upon this world and human race.

'We condemn those who wish to risk everything to enjoy their lives no matter what there age or intention. You know why? It is because we are unhappy with our lives, because we do not have the courage or the guts to do extraordinary things. Everyone who makes a case against this girl wishes to prevent disaster, but the one thing they do is to assure mediocrity. Abby don't give up ever, keep fighting until you cannot fight anymore to fulfill your dreams. Good luck with your adventures.'

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Pat said...

Abby is courageous and has accomplished something special.

But, I still think most sailors would agree that her chances of success would have better had she more time to get to know Wild Eyes and hone her skills on the boat and get more bugs fixed before setting off on the circumnavigation. And, hindsight shows that rushing out from Capetown into the austral winter was pushing her luck.

Sally McLean said...

Hear Hear!WellPut! I am so sick of hearing people knocking the achievements of Abby and Jessica Watson. Yes even though she was successful Jessica still has critics whole belitle her achievement by saying that she had better communication than those who went before; she was lucky and really should not have been allowed to go etc...... All these knockers need to get a life! I have just re-read the account of the RTW yachtswoman Kay Cottee and the challenges she overcame to complete her voyage were awesome. Jessic and Abby were both also out at sea; by themselves having to deal with the same things. Abby unfortuneately was beaten by a storm but this should not stop her from making another attempt as she is surely just as courageous as all other ocean sailors.

Joe said...

To be successful you have to prepare, plan, practice, know your boat, know what to do when things break, know when to go, when not to go, and when to turn back. Jessica was successful, Abby was not.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe. Everything I have read said the preparation and training was poor and that there were no shakedown cruises. That she argued with people on Team Abby over the SAT phone because she didn't believe that the canting keel and water ballast would help her.
Abby sailed probably further than I will ever sail and I applaud her for that. But I don't think any professional sailor would've have undertaken the trip with the same prep level and routing/timing.
In this Abby didn't have the experience to know to say no.
Jessica finished. Abby didn't. Jessica's boat was much better prepared and appropriate. Abby's wasn't. Abby's was a high performance racing sled that is a handful for the most experienced sailors.