Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SF Awesomeness

Filmed over 4 days in SF.  They must have had one heck of a time getting the permits for this!  Gives you a primer for when you arrive for the America's Cup one year from now!

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Keep Reaching said...

Great video - clearly inspired by the famous 1976 video by Claude Lelouch "C'était un Rendez-vous" of a drive through Paris in the early morning - and with no permits. They narrowly miss some pedestrians and pigeons. Urban legend has it that it was a F1 driver and reached speeds over 200 Km/h but some claim it was more like 140 and with a sound track dubbed to give the impression of higher speed. Some also claim the police tried unsuccessfully to get Lelouch to divulge the name of the driver. Anyhow, it too is a great video to watch. It is on Youtube.