Monday, August 13, 2012

Delta was a Blast!

Been back over a week and still thinking about the delta. My boat partner Arnie and a friend sailed up from the bay and had some wild spinnaker runs getting up to Sugar Barge Resort.  I met them there and we had some big fun in the sloughs in and around the San Joaquin  River.

Two sets of friends also joined us.  Mark and Diane for Sunday and most of Monday.  And my Baja Buddy John for Wednesday and Thursday.  The nice thing about joining the Delt Doo Dah Rally is that a good part of the time, you are at the resorts, your food for breakfast and dinner is prepared by the restaurants and you do not have to cook and clean up after every meal.  So we had more time to hang and meet our fellow boaters.  Met another owner of a Newport 30 and he said he bought his boat based on my blog and recommendation on the build quality of these affordable boats.

Highlights - Beach party with the group off of Sugar Barge.  The Malibu Breezes were excellent.  Meeting some of the families that joined the group.  Potato Slough hang time.  Salmon dinner on the slough.  Full moon rise over the delta.  Being on the boat for a good three days.

The low point was getting stuck for 3 hours outside King Island.  Arnie decided to take a side slough and we ended up in 3 feet of water.  We draw 5.  We used the old kedging trick but with all the weeds it was tough to get a good hold on the bottom.  This made us 2 hours late in picking up John.

I departed on Thursday and Arnie sailed her home with some help from another boat partner, Paul.

It was a great couple days in the delta with a big thanks to Latitude 38 for throwing a great rally!

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