Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays to all Sailors!

I was looking back on my Christmas blog post from 2011 and it listed my sailing goals for 2012.  Here are last years goals with a dollar sign next to the ones I accomplished:

Some of my sailing goals for this year (2012):
Fix the base of our corroded mast $$
Take more friends out on the bay for a day sail $
Sail to Tomales Bay
Enjoy the next round of promo races on the bay in preparation for the Americas Cup $
Partner Sail
More spinnaker runs $
Sail on other friends boats $
Baja Haha 19 $
Delta Trip $

Our boat partnership had some turnover this year as two partners (one on board for 7 years and the other for 6) left.  Sorry to see them go as one was a friend from grade school back east but he only went out a few times per year.  The good news is, we just completed signing our 3rd new partner for a total of 6 partners.  We decided to take on one more to help us pay for a new dodger.  His equity share will cover the cost of the new dodger.

The other item I did not accomplish was a trip to Tomales Bay.  This is an ocean run up the coast about 40 miles.  With no official life raft, no radar for fog and a few other key factors, I decided it would be prudent to continue with our bay sailing and not chance a potentially rough trip on the ocean.  I will wait a few years until I have my New Zealand bound boat that is designed for ocean sailing.

Here are my sailing goals for 2013!!
Add new dodger
New starboard cockpit winch
More night sails
Take a bunch of friends out to see the America's Cup races on the bay
Plan a bare boat trip to Belize with friends
Take a 5 day trip up to Napa with bikes for winery tours and tasting
Organize a partner sail
Organize a Newport 30 overnight raft up in Clipper Cove

Here is a look back at the highlights of 2012:
Baja Haha 19 rally from San Diego to Cabo on Second Sun with John and crew
Delta Trip with Arnie (getting stuck in the mud for almost 3 hours was not a highlight)
Sausalito sojourn with Kona in December and southerly storm winds
America's Cup races in August and October
Giants day games with a sail to and from the game with my buddy John
Sailing to AT&T park for The Wall concert with Frank and spending the night in McCovey Cove
Watching the fastest sailboat in the world sail the bay!
Signing up 3 new partners
Celebrating the GG Bridge's 75th birthday with the crews from Fearless and Willin
Sailing twice in Hawaii on two separate trips
Spending a quiet night on a mooring ball at Ayala Cove with just me and then sailing home w/o engine
Seeing an AC 72 sail the bay

That was a fun look back!  Here's to a great 2013 and all the fun and excitement we are going have sailing on the most beautiful bay in the world!  I hope you will be getting out on the water as well. 

The start of leg 3 off Santa Maria on the Baja Haha

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