Monday, August 11, 2014

Skiff Sailing 20kts+

Looks a lot like wind surfing...kinda.

Had two great sails over the weekend.  The new electric power system has been awesome getting us in and out of the channel.  I hit the water Saturday evening about 5:30 and the wind was UP!  By the time I had tacked out to the end of the Berkeley Pier (took over 5 tacks as the wind was to the south), it was well over 20kts. Reefed jib only run and cloudy with fog but clearing up ahead.  As the sun set, the almost full moon came up.  What a beautiful thing.  I came roaring home with the full jib out as I hit the channel.  As I made the turn in towards the marina, (the wind was blowing over 25+) the boat caught a gust and rounded up toward the channel marker.  I screamed "No!" and turned the wheel as fast as I could. I grazed the marker sign and broke a couple starboard stanchions.  I was furious I made such an error .  It is the nature of sail boats to round into the wind and I learned my lesson to furl the jib in high winds.  Plus, the sea was angry that day, my friend.

Sunday was a bit of the same but less wind and sunny (I kept thinking this is deja vu all over again!) I took the cut in the pier this time which gives me an hour long reach towards Angel.  Great sail and on my way back, the fog was heading in and covering the sun.  A few shafts of light around peeking thru.  The highlight came when a huge shaft came down and focused on a schooner out for a sunset sail near Sausalito.

My partners and I are all very happy with our new power plant and are so grateful Murray took the lead and made this transition happen.  Excellent work my friend!

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