Thursday, October 23, 2014

Departing: Baja Haha


I depart shortly for the 21st Annual Baja Haha.  I will be joining a boat for the voyage from San Diego to Cabo.  We start on Monday and arrive in Cabo 10 days later.  There are 170 boats and 600 folks which is a very large group.  Our first leg is 325 miles to Turtle Bay.  A small fishing village in the middle of no where.  We will have baseball game with the locals on the first afternoon and a beach party on the second day.  Then a 250 mile run to Santa Maria Bay for another beach party with a band.  Another 24 hours and we will be in Cabo San Lucas, MX.  I will be seeing some old friends and meeting many new ones.  Wish me a bon voyage!

Start at the 5 min. mark for a look at the Hahahahahahahahah.  This is from last year and the only year I have missed out of the last 5.

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