Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mind Blown

I am amazed at this guys exploits with his wing.  I love the thought of flying like this and Jean makes it look like child's play.  I also appreciate the danger of this sport and thus have never tried.  My theory is, the closer I am to ground...the better.  Sailing is a bit similar to paragliding in that in sailing, you are flying.  My wing is vertical instead of horizontal.  I also like be able to share the moment with other folks like you can on a boat.  Yeah, I think I will stick closer to the surface although it's looks so tempting to experience this amazing feeling of flight.  On one of the Haha adventures down the coast of Mexico, we were playing some volley ball at Santa Maria and a guy from the Haha lands with his wing on the beach.  He had hiked up the 1500' mountain, flew around the valley for 15-20 minutes and back to the beach.  I thought, how cool to sail to a beautiful spot, hike to the top and jump off.  What a thrill!  One of my goals before the trip across the Pacific is to take some lessons and learn the sport of kite boarding.  I windsurfed for 20 years on the bay so I hope the learning curve won't be too steep.  The great thing about having a kite on board your cruising boat, it's light and it does not take much space.  And you can whip it out (the kite board) almost anywhere there is wind.

Again, I think I will be sticking closer to the ground than these guys in the flick.

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