Monday, February 05, 2018

Making your sailing dreams come true!

I written many times how my dream was to sail across the Pacific.  Yes that dream is hold until I retire, but the good news is that dream sprang to life 31 years ago.  It will one day come true.  Currently, we are set to depart in September for a 7 month adventure to Mexico and back.  The bottom line is that we are moving forward with the dream! 

I followed a couple online that was sailing the world on a beautiful boat, some may remember Alex and Taru.  She was stunning and he was a kite surfer.  I was looking for their blog and found that it seems she and he have split and she is now with a small child living a simple life.  She had some cool things to say about achieving your dreams:

What if life was just a dream. There's nothing that can prove that it is not. So potentially, this all may be a very advanced, very realistic and extraordinarily vivid dream that we live within. A lucid dream in which you are awake and conscious. Where you have been given the magic wand to create all the worlds and wishes of your desire. It's just that you have forgotten your power. Forgotten that you are the God and the creator of your life.

Whatever life is, what is stopping you, right now, from doing what you really want? Living the life you dream of?

Are you blocking the perfect flow of life energy with limiting beliefs about yourself? Is there a twisted side to yourself thinking that you are not worth happiness? Or do you let other people or rules of society write the story of your life?

And how do you even come to an understanding of what you really want in life? When there are so many options. When life pulls you this way and that. And aren't there so many things we should do, in order to be respected/loved/acknowledged. And what about fitting in? Moving too wildly outside of the frames that your peers move within just seems way too risky. Or?

If you take a quiet moment to yourself and reflect upon it, you do know that none of that is really important. You do know in your heart that you are here for a purpose, just like everyone else. Looking at the lives of other people, it may seem that everyone's got it all worked out. That they all seem to have found their path to happiness.

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Taru on a sailing/beach adventure!

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