Wednesday, April 21, 2021

16 Years Young!

H2uh0 just turned 16 this month! That is pretty amazing considering todays blogoshpere. We are getting close to 3000 entries with many more to come. The sailing world continues to evolve with the big guys on Youtube getting paid by their patrons to sail the world. Pretty amazing and lucky too. Me, I am just a humble blogger talking about sailing and learning from the mistakes of others. Looking back over the years, here are my top 10 highlights: 1. America's Cup right in our backyard with these flying machines hitting 40 knots! 2013 2. Sailing my 40' Jeanneau to Mexico and back to SF for a 4000 mile voyage over 7 months. 2018/19 3. A visit from the 289' Maltese Falcon for a month in September. 2008 4. Multiple trips up the Napa River with biking to the wineries. 5. Multiple trips up to the Delta including two Doo Dah's. 6. Six adventures on the Baja Ha Ha on other peoples boats. San Diego to Cabo San Lucas 7. Chartering in Belize, BVI, Grenadines, and La Paz with friends and family. 8. Safeley sailing our amazing bay with my dogs and friends. 9. Sailing to the ballpark and getting a slip so we can attend the game. 10. Twenty years of managing partnership boats to keep the cost down. With my years of windsurfing included, I am getting close to 40 years of sailing! It has been a wonderful journey and one I hope to continue for another 20 years! Wish I was 25 once more...

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