Thursday, November 25, 2021

Burning Delight


An amazing Burning Man exhibit. If you look closely, you can see some Burners in the reflections.  My three voyages to the playa have been life enhancing!  We had an amazing set up of tents and screens to keep a good portion of the dust to a minimum.  Inside we had seating for 30 at several long tables, a kitchen, and an area to relax with couches for a comfy vibe.  The piece de la resistance was the Bioluminescent Slug, our art car!    We had a flatbed truck turned into a 2 floor disco with a kick ass DJ system.  The design was brilliant.  PVC pipe supported a fabric skin that along with the lighting and sound made this art car a head turner.  Comfortably we could accommodate 30 people on the two floors.  We had as many as forty five!  Our gift to the playa was free rides on the slug.  We also did a wedding in an outdoor chapel and drove the bridal party to a dance tent after the nuptials.  Some of the creative exhibits were mindblowing.  And some were so simple.  One guy who came thru our camp sat down with a bag of coconuts and commenced to break them open so we could drink the milk.  Another guy brought a half pound of cocaine which he shared with who ever wanted some.  No wonder the parties went all night!  The first time you enter the playa at night, your whole concept of life will change.  It is amazing to say the least.  Thank-you Burning Man and a big hug to my camp mates at High Maintenance.

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