Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Two Weeks and Counting

We depart for the Baja Haha in less than two weeks! Boat Count: 190 People Count: 600
Fun Meter: Off the charts! The trip will take 11 days as we have several stops on the way down the coast. The distance from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas is about 750 miles. Here is a breakdown of what our trip looks like if we have some decent winds for our 36' cat:

San Diego to Turtle Bay
382mi @ 8kts = 48 hrs
We will most likely make a noon approach.
We will swing on the hook Wed & Thur night

Turtle Bay to Santa Maria
224mi @ 8kts = 28 hrs
We will again make a noon approach
We will swing on the hook Sun/Mon/Tue night

Santa Maria to Cabo
194mi @ 8 kts = 24 hrs
This will be a mid-morning approach

8 knots is optimistic but we have a fast boat. Once we get to Cabo, the party continues at Squid Row and a bunch of beach parties. Getting excited for our two week journey down the coast!!

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