Monday, November 14, 2011

Amazing Sunday Sail on SF Bay

The weekend started rainy and cold, but by Sunday morn, it was sunny and mild.  Wind forecasts were predicting 10-15 knot winds for a perfect late fall sail.  The crew showed up at 11am with Dave, Paul and Ginny and Ryan and Caroline.  Kona and I had had a nice sleep on board the night before and after a few chores, we were ready to shove off.  The wind was very light as we made our way towards Treasure Island.  We cleared the pier and the wind came up a bit.  Heading towards the city, we dodged two tankers heading our way.  With a tack towards Angel the wind hit 12 knots and we were moving along at 6-7 knots.  Soon we were under the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was getting close to sunset so we were heading back and getting ready to raise the chute.  We lined ourselves up so we could have a straight shot to the barn.  As we headed home, the sun was about to set right under the bridge.  As it did, the high clouds came alive and it was a spectacular sunset from the water.  We got in about 6pm and thanked our lucky stars for such an amazing sail with good friends on a beautiful day on our lovely bay!

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